Private spa in a class of its own

Enter and switch off - thanks to the well thought-out and wide-ranging facilities.

As a successful entrepreneur, the client is on the road a lot and is constantly on the go. So it is not surprising that he felt more and more the desire for a retreat in his own home to make the most of the breaks. The goal: To create an effective balance to the hectic and stressful everyday life and thus to stay physically and mentally fit in a particularly pleasant as well as beneficial way.

In addition to the pool in the garden, which thanks to generous dimensions also allows a real fitness workout by swimming extensive lanes, the client therefore planned together with his architect on the upper floor of the villa with about 80 square meters of space ample opportunities for a private wellness area in a class of its own."Thus, we had the ideal conditions to fulfill the client's wish for functional areas that could be used simultaneously", says Stefan Steube, project consultant at KLAFS, the market leader in the sauna, pool and spa sector, recalling the consultations.

Deep infrared heat and a soothing bathing experience

The client not only wanted to benefit from the positive health effects of regular sauna sessions, which exercise the cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system and improve the body's thermal adaptability - he also wanted to effectively counteract painful tension in the back and shoulders with deep infrared heat.
Not to mention the unique and soothing bathing experience in the onsen bath, which wonderfully combines the positive effects of steam and tub bath: While the bather enjoys the warm water - as in the eponymous Japanese form of bathing in hot, volcanic springs - the clouds of mist from the rising steam unfold their calming and soothing effect.

3 Klafs cabins: Infrared, sauna, onsen bath

KLAFS planned and realized all three cabins individually and with many extravagant extras that make health-promoting relaxation even more pleasant and eventful. For example, the 2.6-meter-wide and 2.3-meter-deep PREMIUM sauna is equipped with a starry sky that conjures up twinkling stars on the ceiling. Uninterrupted views into the room and the directly adjacent D12 Vario onsen bath are guaranteed by a floor-to-ceiling glass element. And variety is also provided - thanks to the unique and patented Sanarium function for five different bathing forms: Classic sauna, warm air bath, tropical bath, aroma bath and soft steam bath. "In order to perfectly fulfill the desire for functional areas that can be used at the same time, we planned a separate 2.1-meter-wide and 1.5-meter-deep cabin for the infrared area, also with a floor-to-ceiling glass front," Steube explains. Here, not only two comfortable infrared seats available, but also a very special light module: A lift light with a skin-tightening, collagen-forming effect is integrated into the ceiling.

Pendulum loungers and sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE®

But that's not all: For the important breaks between the sauna, steam bath or infrared sessions, the owners not only have two of the innovative SWAY pendulum loungers at their disposal, which put the user within shortest time into a restful short sleep, but also two sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® mounted above them on the ceiling. Here, too, diversity is the trump card: A sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE®, as a classic tanning facility, provides a long-lasting, natural tan and increases vitamin D production in the body. The second sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® stimulates collagen formation and thus the skin's regeneration process with its beneficial, collagen-forming heat rays.

Enter and switch off - thanks to the well thought-out and wide-ranging amenities in this wellness area, the best conditions are created for this.

The ideal conditions for KLAFS to create simultaneously usable functional areas according to the client's wishes.
Stefan Steube

Planning + realization

  • Planning & realization of the wellness area: KLAFS,
  • Planning & realization of the pool and pool technology: SSF.Pools by KLAFS,
  • Architect: Albert Deselaers Architect, Willich
  • Interior design of the wellness area: Torsten Müller Bathroom & Spa Design,

Your project

Do you want a private wellness area that offers much more than "just" a sauna? This very successful project provides a wide range of ideas for this.

  • If you have the space, separate functional areas for sauna, infrared & so on are ideal. So you can also enjoy several applications at the same time.
  • One cabin, five different bathing forms: The patented Sanarium concept offers you unique variety.
  • Innovative extras like the lift light not only make you feel fitter and younger, but also make you look it.
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