• Fits simply everywhere
  • Easy to move in and out
S1 sauna

Discover the sauna of the future

Thanks to the S1 Zoom principle, this minimalist designer sauna is completely extended in just 20 seconds.

From 0 to sauna in 20 seconds

Deceleration, relaxation and deep well-being should be possible even in the smallest of spaces which is why we have developed the S1 sauna.

Fits. Simply. Everywhere

Space is not an issue with the S1 Sauna. With four different sizes (from S to XL) to choose from, you will find the perfect size to suit your living space.

From bathroom to wellness oasis

At the touch of a button, the S1 sauna offers plenty of room for a relaxed bathing experience. Integrate your S1 sauna into your bathroom now.

No high voltage current?

No problem! The sizes S and M of our S1 sauna can be operated with a normal 230 V connection.

What type of floor is best?

Smooth, flat floors are best suited for setting up the S1 for hygienic reasons. For example, tiles, natural stone, wood, and laminate. Short-pile and heavy-duty carpets can also be used as a base. For very sensitive floors, we have developed the S1 floor protector.

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S1 sauna equipment

Interior design

There is a choice of naturally grown, knot-free hemlock, waxed walnut, or the vividly figured wood of Swiss stone pine for the interior trim.

VARIUS sauna and SANARIUM® heater

The sauna heater impresses not only with its perfectly shaped design, but also with its innovative technology. The heater ensures intense infusions and a protective heater grate can be dispensed thanks to the elegant flocking of the heater shell. For those who love a gentle sauna bathing experience, the SANARIUM® VARIUS S heater is the perfect choice – it's five saunas all in one: the classic sauna, a warm air bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a soft steam bath.

Sauna control unit 21 S1 T

User-friendly, large 7" touch display with 480x800 resolution, featuring black front and black or white frame colour. The "Drive" buttons for extending and retracting the smart sauna are integrated in the touch display. All accessories such as SANARIUM®, the RelaxAudio system, the BELLASENSA coloured light and the atmospheric SUNSET S1 L sauna lighting are also easy and intuitive to operate. The comprehensive Wellness ABC tips can be read directly on the screen.

KLAFS Sauna App

With the KLAFS app, you can conveniently control your SANARIUM® whilst on the go. The SANARIUM® will await you perfectly heated to your desired temperature, saving you both time and energy. The app offers all the conveniences of being able to switch your SANARIUM® on and off, checking its status, presetting the time, and regulating the humidity.

KLAFS KNX module

The individually configurable interface with predefined data points connects your sauna with the on-site building management system. The programming and transfer of the data points to the building management system is a service provided by the customer. The use of the KNX module is only possible with the S1 sauna in conjunction with the control unit 21 S1 T.

BELLASENSA colour light

Experience sunrises , sunsets, northern lights, and many other light scenarios with the BELLASENSA coloured light. The BELLASENSA light is flush-mounted in the ceiling of the S1 sauna and will add that extra sensory highlight to your experience.

SUNSET S1 L Lighting

The dimmable SUNSET S1 L backrest lighting offers another visual highlight. The indirect LED lighting creates a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. It sets visual accents with its warm light and ideally rounds off your S1 SAUNA with harmonious interior lighting.


  • The revolutionary S1 sauna from KLAFS is extendable.
  • When retracted, the S1 sauna measures a slim 60 cm no deeper than a normal closet.
  • When fully extended, 160 cm, it offers plenty of space for a relaxed sauna experience.
  • With its many design options and additional accessories there will be the perfect S1 Sauna to suit your living space.
  • Available in four different sizes - S, M, L, XL.
  • Assembly is by our trained specialist fitters.

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Customize your S1 sauna

Four sizes
The S1 sauna is the first space-saving sauna that perfectly adapts to any living situation. Even the smallest size offers enough space for comfortable sauna enjoyment with a 120 cm wide reclining surface. The S1 sauna is available in four sizes.
Exterior cladding
Side walls, front and ceiling are equipped with the same surfaces all around and are also available with side windows on request. As a result, the S1 sauna offers an all-round harmonious appearance.
Interior cladding
There are three types of wood to choose from for the interior cladding: Naturally grown, knot-free hemlock, waxed walnut, and the vividly figured wood of Swiss stone pine.
Windows and fronts
Fully glazed front additionally with one or two side windows on request. Optional double, frameless safety glass for an open view and optimised thermal insulation. The closed front is available with a side window as standard. If you like to enjoy the view on both sides while bathing in the sauna, a second side window is of course possible upon request.
The benches can be effortlessly pulled forward by 10 cm, providing an additional plus in reclining comfort. The two headrests for comfortable reclining are hooked into the ergonomic backrest. Upon request, we can also equip your S1 sauna with a folding lounger for comfortable lounging for two. So two people can relax at the same time quite comfortably lying down. The benches are available in abachi and, on request, walnut.

Technical equipment

High-quality technical equipment for your S1 sauna.

SCC exhaust air module

Environmentally friendly exchange: The optional SCC (Safe Clean Condensate) exhaust air module removes the stale air and at the same time heats the fresh air drawn in from outside. Heat recovery can save up to 30 percent of the heating capacity. And the integrated pollen filter filters pollen, house dust, ozone and pollutants from the air.

Frame Stability Construction

Frame Stability Construction is based on an extremely stable, warp-free, thin wood-sandwich wall structure that is approximately 40 percent lighter than that of a conventional sauna of the same size, yet can easily withstand high temperature and humidity fluctuations.

eMove Technology

The driving force behind the particularly space-saving sauna experience is eMove Technology. At the push of a button, the S1 sauna extends from the size of a closet to a functional sauna within 20 seconds. The eMove Technology ensures synchronous and silent movement.

eMove Safety Control (MSC)

The eMove Safety Control (MSC): When retracting and extending, the sauna stops if something gets in its way, thanks to the safety sensor system. After your sauna bath, a temperature sensor on the heater ensures that the sauna can only be retracted after it has cooled down. And after four hours of operation at the latest, the S1 sauna switches itself off.

Drive home system

Thanks to the drive-home system, the VARIUS heater can leave and return to its heater garage with the sauna. For this purpose, the VARIUS heater is attached to the front of the cabin and extends with the sauna from its heater garage. And after cooling back it returns to its heater garage.


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