S1 sauna - simply a great concept

The name says it all: The "Little Pearl" vacation home in the idyllic North Sea spa town of Büsum is small, but very fine.

Because the owners Ayla and Ulrich Reckermann offer their guests everything they need for a very private wellness vacation on almost 40 lovingly furnished square meters - the space-saving Zoom S1 sauna makes it possible.

Schwäbisch Hall, December 2017. The rugged charm of the Wadden Sea, the easy accessibility without a cumbersome ferry ride and the proximity to the metropolis of Hamburg: "I was immediately blown away",says Ayla Reckermann, recalling her first trip to Büsum.

After this all-round successful weekend trip with friends, the Bochum native and her husband quickly decided that Büsum is simply ideal as a location for a vacation home. So the Reckermanns set out on a very specific search.

And they struck lucky: In a prime location, directly behind the dike and with a direct view of the Wadden Sea, an investor is planning to build several small vacation homes. The couple is immediately enthusiastic and buys one of the houses.off plan".

The perfect solution - S1 zoom sauna

The only catch: The "little pearl", as the Reckermanns affectionately call their vacation home, which can now be rented all year round, has just under 40 square meters of living space. And yet a sauna is supposed to provide soothing warmth and very private relaxation after the residents have let the usually cool North Sea wind blow them around, for example during an extensive walk on the beach.

So the next research for the couple is on the Internet. And once again, everything happens very quickly. Because they discover the perfect solution for their vacation home project - the space-saving Zoom S1 sauna. They spontaneously make an appointment at the nearest showroom of KLAFS, the market leader in saunas, pools and spas, in Düsseldorf - and are so enthusiastic about the S1 that they spontaneously decide to buy it while still at the showroom.

It so happens that the S1 is the first purchase for Reckermanns' vacation home in the middle of the construction phase - and the Bochum-based company can plan the entire interior around the Zoom sauna. So it's no wonder that everything now looks absolutely harmonious - and that not only Ayla and Ulrich Reckermann, but also their guests feel completely at ease. Ayla Reckermann knows very well that the S1 is very well received: "Thanks to the WLAN module, we can read out the data from the controller remotely at any time. And thus quickly assist our guests from Bochum with questions about the service.".

Speaking of helping hands: In keeping with the theme of very private relaxation, Ayla Reckermann has located a mobile, state-certified masseur, who can offer her guests on request in the "little pearl", loosening tense muscles with skilful hand movements. "So our guests can now really enjoy a wellness vacation according to all the rules of art in a very private environment", she says, delighted.

This is just a great concept - the S1 really fits everywhere, even in our little pearl
Ayla and Ulrich Reckermann
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