S1 Infrared from KLAFS
S1 Infrared from KLAFS

S1 Infrared

  • Infrared in even the of smallest rooms
  • Retracts at the push of a button

Small can be big

Decompression, relaxation and deep well-being should be possible even in the smallest space. That is why we have developed the KLAFS S1 Infrared cabin. When retracted, the S1 Infrared measures only 45 cm in depth and when extended, it offers plenty of room for a relaxing bathing experience.

S1 Infrared

Well-being is a matter of attitude.

Retract, extend, feel soothing warmth: The S1 Infrared from KLAFS is always exactly as big as you want it to be.

Works in any room

The KLAFS S1 Infrared is available in two versions, the S1 Infrared SINGLE with one seat and 122 cm width and the S1 Infrared DOUBLE with space for two people and 172 cm width.


It can be conveniently connected to any household socket and operates on 230V alternating current without the need to make any adaptations to your home’s electrical system.

Adjust, lean back, relax

Choose between a Soft, Medium or Intensive program and the treatment will start as soon as you sit back. To ensure maximum benefit from the infrared source and ensure your skin is not overly stressed, four contactless SensoCare sensors in the infrared radiator measure the skin temperature throughout the program and adjust the intensity of the radiation on your body.

Entertainment meets relaxation

Those who want to enjoy music or movies during the infrared application can conveniently place a tablet in the cabin or play music with the integrated RelaxAudio system via Bluetooth in the cabin.

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S1 Infrared equipment

Features of the S1 Infrared

Infrared seat

The seat is the focus of the interior design, ensuring you maintain the ideal posture and aligning the back radiator for a targeted and intensive treatment. The seat and backrest are upholstered and covered with durable textile leather, available in chocolate or white. Comfortable armrests complete the seat, deepening the relaxation process.

Interior cladding

The interior walls and seats of your S1 Infrared are made of naturally grown, knot-free hemlock veneer wood. Fragrant Swiss pine and elegant walnut veneer are available on request.

BELLASENSA colour light

The combination of warmth and colour has a relaxing effect on the bather. For this reason, every S1 Infrared is equipped with the BELLASENSA LED colour light as standard.

Comfort heating

Thanks to the comfort heating system discreetly hidden under the seat, the cabin interior is always quickly heated to a comfortable temperature of between 27 °C and 35 °C. From the first moment, your S1 Infrared is pleasantly warm.

Low-temperature ceramic radiator

The patented low-temperature ceramic heater relies on the warming power of infrared C-rays and not only meets the RAL Quality Association guidelines but is of such high quality that it has a lifetime warranty.

SensoCare infrared heating

To ensure that the infrared source can fully develop its beneficial effect and your skin is not overly stressed, four SensoCare sensors in the infrared radiator measure the skin temperature without contact throughout the program and automatically adjust the intensity of the radiation to your body. With this assurance, you can simply sit back, relax and let the pleasant warmth act on the body.
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Control unit IR 033

The IR 033 control unit from KLAFS stands for maximum convenience and meets the highest demands in terms of service life and safety. Its silent operation is thanks to intelligent Triac technology. All settings, such as temperature, time and the BELLASENSA coloured light, are conveniently and individually controllable.

RelaxAudio system

With the integrated RelaxAudio system, the entire back wall becomes a speaker membrane and offers you a true sound experience. Even demanding music lovers will be thrilled with the quality sound experience. The operation of the RelaxAudio system is very straightforward - simply connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and enjoy your music in the sauna.


  • Revolutionary telescopic function of the KLAFS S1 Infrared with a minimal space requirement of just 45 centimeters when completely retracted. 
  • Two variants - one well thought-out concept: SINGLE version for one or the DOUBLE version for two occupants. 
  • Infrared-C rays intensively warm the back. 
  • Patented low-temperature ceramic radiator with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Targeted heating with automatically controlled intensity thanks to SensoCare sensors. 
  • Simple control with intuitive touch display. 
  • Many optional features for the exterior cladding, interior cladding and seat covers. 

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Sauna and infrared of the future

The revolutionary, space-saving S1 sauna from KLAFS has gotten off to a flying start. To date, the sauna of the future has won several major awards. For example: the German Design Award, the iF DESIGN AWARD and the Red Dot Design Award.

This resounding success has confirmed KLAFS, the market leader in the field of sauna, pool and spa, in its endeavor to immediately work on further ideas around the topic of space-saving solutions. The first result of these considerations, the Infrared S1, is celebrating its world premiere at the Interbad trade fair in Stuttgart.

As with the S1 sauna, the decisive highlight of the S1 Infrared cabin is its even smaller space requirement. In fact, in the fully retracted state, it is only 45 centimeters (S1 sauna: 60 centimeters) deep - even narrower than a conventional closet. Nevertheless, the chic infrared cabin is designed with high quality in every detail, with - depending on the model - plenty of space for one or two people.

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