S1 sauna by Andreas C. Studer

Wellness for body and mind. This best describes the meeting with Andreas C. Studer, the well-known TV chef from "al dente", "Lanz kocht" or "Kochduell". I spent an afternoon visiting the likeable "Studi" - as he likes to be called - and we cooked the KLAFS wellness menu together, talked about his urban, "well-being" lifestyle and marveled at the pull-out KLAFS S1 sauna in the guest room of his penthouse apartment.

Baar, November 2018. Although Andreas C. Studer has only been living in the new penthouse apartment for a short time, with a view over Zurich City and Üetliberg, it looks as if he has never lived anywhere else. He has furnished his modern apartment with great care and style.

Studi is used to going to the sauna regularly. He already had a KLAFS sauna in his previous home in Berlin and therefore did not want to do without it in his new home. Only the space conditions presented him with a few unanswered questions. It had to be a smart, flexible wellness oasis that could still offer relaxed sauna enjoyment.

The perfect solution - S1 zoom sauna

KLAFS, the market leader in sauna, pool and spa has the answer: The world's first sauna that uses an accordion principle to make itself very small - and unfolds to full size at the touch of a button. The S1 sauna. When retracted, the sauna measures a slim 60 cm and is no deeper than the closet already installed in Studi's guest room.

Within a month, the S1 sauna was installed in Andreas C. Studer's penthouse apartment. Thanks to the 230-Volt connection, the cabin could be easily plugged into the ordinary socket. Additional lines or other construction measures were not necessary.

Studi is fascinated by his new private spa. "The best thing for me is a sauna session after an energy-sapping jog or a hard day at work," he notes. The sweat bath helps not only to regenerate the body and mind. It also strengthens the immune system.

"After that, a light, wholesome wellness dish and the day is perfect - would you like a taste of that?", Studi looks at me questioningly. Sure, how could I refuse this offer. A monkfish at its best to match the sauna infusion. Served with a fruity and punchy peach salsa with Chinese broccoli. Simply delicious, soothing and low in fat. 

Within 20 minutes, Andreas C. Studer has prepared the main course and we enjoy an excellent wellness dish at the end of an unforgettable afternoon and talk about his next projects - each of which is worth a story in itself...

Studi's Wellness Menu (German language)


  • S1 large sauna with side window (60/160x202x211, DxWxH)  
  • White satin exterior cladding and hemlock interior cladding 
  • Additional features: SANARIUM®, BELLASENSA color light, Klafs SAUNA APP, RelaxAudio System
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