PREMIUM sauna in the middle of greenery

Rest and retreat for wellness at the highest level.

Idyllically situated in the hotel's own generously designed garden, the busy owners create a place of rest and retreat for wellness at the highest level in the midst of greenery. Uninterrupted views of tranquil nature during soothing relaxation provide a counterpoint to the hectic pace of everyday work - making the private spa a place where you can switch off your mind for a moment together with your loved ones.

The family of entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia was attracted to the property in the middle of the countryside, with a 90-year-old main house and numerous more recent additions. Where the gardener once lived, the owners now enjoy a unique retreat in an exclusive ambience after extensive renovation work. Even though the annex has been transformed into a stylish sauna and wellness resort - the gardener remains at the loyal service of today's homeowners.

In order to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the demanding everyday life in the best possible way, it was the owners' wish to create a cozy retreat. The family started their conversion project with this premise in mind and found the right partner in KLAFS. Today, they speak warmly about an all-round carefree package that simplified a lot of things for them thanks to the expert advice and support they received throughout the renovation project.

The entire wellness area is flooded with warm, pleasant sunlight thanks to large windows. The KLAFS PREMIUM sauna impresses with its adaptability and at the same time sets unique accents in the bathhouse: The continuous glass front on one side and a custom-made window integrated into the sauna with a view of the garden on the other side create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom during sauna bathing.

The possibility of variation was important to the client, who only appreciates regular health-promoting sweat bathing through his private spa. KLAFS was able to fulfill this wish with the SANARIUM MAJUSĀ® heater, which allows five different bathing forms. For example, the entrepreneur appreciates the bath form of a soft steam bath as relaxation after a long day of work.

To cool down after the sauna, you can walk a few steps on the beautifully landscaped, wood-clad terrace. There you discover another gem: Embedded in the terrace deck, the modern and linear jacuzzi from SSF.Pools by KLAFS fits perfectly into the overall concept of the wellness area. Four massage seats invite you to relax. A clever design allows you to cover the jacuzzi with a canopy that matches the decking boards. This creates a coherent image even when closed.


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