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British Idyll

Luxury Pool, Steam Bath, and Sauna PREMIUM nestled in a Historic Setting

In the heart of Hertfordshire, north of London, a KLAFS Group-owned company, Guncast, has transformed a farmstead into an outstanding large-scale wellness facility. Truly remarkable!

The rural estate, which has undergone comprehensive renovation in a traditional style, includes the former barns, now a listed building. In line with this, the experts from Guncast/KLAFS have creatively and meticulously realised the family's wellness aspirations. The facility is designed to provide bathing enjoyment and relaxation across a wide range of wellness aspects for up to twelve individuals, as visits from friends and neighbours are always anticipated here.

A ten by five meter pool has been strategically placed between the buildings and the lawn. The pool's structure is constructed from concrete and adorned with large format tiles, including its borders. The light brown, earthy hue of the porcelain stoneware tiles blends harmoniously with the wooden facades of the buildings, the vibrant green of the surrounding nature, and the crystal clear 'blue' of the pool water. A distinctive feature of the pool is its gradual depth increase from 1.20 to 2.20 meters at its deepest point, where a diving platform has been installed. The pool caters to both children's enjoyment and adults' swimming exercises. The 2.45 meter long diving board is made of wood, necessitating its coverage when not in use for maintenance and safety. For reasons of safety and energy efficiency, the pool is also equipped with a roller shutter cover featuring solar slats. Primarily, the pool water is warmed using an energy efficient heat exchanger.

Take a sauna in the old barn

Additionally, eight underwater spotlights were installed so the pool could be used in the evening. On warm summer nights, guests can relax in the spacious open-air lounge area. The project’s planning included the transformation of former barns, catering to the family’s desire for year-round wellness. As part of the KLAFS Group, Guncast not only delivers pool solutions but also offers a comprehensive range of KLAFS wellness products. This includes the expertise to execute bespoke construction techniques for any space. In this instance, the sloping roof of the barn necessitated a custom-designed PREMIUM model sauna from KLAFS, proving to be the ideal solution. The interior design prioritises customer preferences, offering a wide selection of options. Ultimately, classic hemlock wood was chosen for the walls, with soft, light abachi wood for seating and lounging areas. Sauna users can enhance their relaxation with music, audiobooks, or radio through speakers discreetly integrated under the benches, linked to the in-house sound system. The experience is further enriched by discreet, warm LED light strips, adding to the sensual sauna ambiance.

Sound and light features extend to the next wellness amenity - an immaculately tiled steam bath measuring 2.80 metres deep, 1.90 metres wide, and 2.17 metres high. A steam generator operates automatically, maintaining the temperature set by users. Its associated pipework, finished with a copper surface and welded connections, is thoughtfully insulated and comes equipped with an automatic essence feed and limescale removal system. A vertical steam fireplace, harmoniously tiled to complement the room's walls, is positioned in the corner to offer an authentic steam bath experience at home. Speakers are installed on the cabin's ceiling, with additional units fitted in the adjacent gym, ensuring a seamless musical flow between the sauna, steam bath, and fitness room - all a stone's throw from the garden pool.

A noteworthy detail: The handles, hinges, and frames throughout the wellness building have been anodised in 'EV2 Champagne', beautifully unifying every space within this wellness project in perfect harmony.



  • Pool: 10.0 x 5.0 x 1.20 - 2.20 m

  • Concrete skimmer pool

  • Lining with large format porcelain stoneware tiles

  • Entry stairs made of in situ concrete

Pool technology

  • Ozone disinfection with automatic post-treatment using sodium hypochlorite with pH correction additive all in conjunction with high-performance filtration

Energy solutions & pool features

  • Underfloor roller shutter cover with solar slats

  • Pool heating with heat exchanger

  • Water attraction: 2.45 m long wooden diving board “Revelation 1” from Mikel Tube

  • 8 LED underwater spotlights from Water Tec


  • Sauna: Custom PREMIUM model, clad in Hemlock wood with Abachi benches, integrated speakers, and BONATHERM under bench heating system.

  • Steam Bath: Dimensions 2.17 x 1.90 x 2.80 m, featuring automatic steam generation, a steam chimney, anodized surfaces on handles, and LED strip lighting in both sauna and steam room.

Planning + Realisation:​​​​​​​, Guncast

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