Steam bathing according to your wishes.
Steam bathing according to your wishes.

Customised steam bath

  • Acrylic, glass, ceramic or natural stone
  • Sophisticated technology

Bespoke steam bathing tailored to your needs

Create your own bespoke steam bath to suit all your individual needs. Finishes include acrylic, glass, ceramic or natural stone.

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Your own bespoke steam bath

Ceramic tiles, Bisazza mosaic, marble or a more simple effect, with the highest quality featuring sandstone stoneware, we will gladly fulfill any wish regarding the design and shape of your individual steam bath. For all your decisions, our experts are always there to help and advise you from magical STARRY SKY ceilings to the therapeutic benefits, especially those for rheumatic and respiratory complaints.  

With heated floors and benches on request the steam can also be infused with fragrances to enhance the steam room experience, our sophisticated technology ensures an ideal climate and a warm, comforting atmosphere for beautiful skin. Come and visit us at one of our KLAFS showrooms. This will bring you a whole step closer to finding your ideal relaxation space. 

All roads lead to Rome - or to KLAFS.

Especially if you are planning your individual steam bath. And what could be more natural than to also use antiquity as a model for the design of your steam bath? As varied as the bathing landscapes of the ancient Romans were, so is the range of stylish yet variable and different elements from KLAFS. Ceramic tiles, Bisazza mosaic, marble, or more simple effects. With the highest quality in terms of texture with sandstone stoneware, we will gladly fulfill any wish regarding the design and shape of your individual steam bath. Whether in the bath or pool, or in your private wellness area. We will be happy to advise you on bringing your ideas to life.  

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