Diverse design, simply individual
Diverse design, simply individual

D6 steam bath

  • High-quality acrylic steam bath
  • Numerous design variants

Diverse design, simply individual

Clear, cubic shapes characterise the design and make the room appear light and wide.

D6 steam bath

Simply clever. Simply individual.

Consistently minimalist in design and fascinatingly diverse in appearance, the D6 Steam Bath has clear functional advantages.

High-quality acrylic steam bath

KLAFS manufactures the walls and ceiling of the D6 from high-quality acrylic. It inspires with its high-quality and smooth surface and offers many technical advantages.

Special features

Unique free standing bench design: The water droplets that form when the hot water vapor condenses on the walls and ceiling run freely down the walls behind the benches, which provides many advantages in terms of seating comfort, hygiene, and maintenance.

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D6 steam bath equipment

Interior design

The high-quality acrylic of the walls and ceiling means it is not only robust and durable, but also particularly easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. The material offers a wide range of possibilities for putting your own design ideas into practice, which opens a whole world of ideas.

Exterior view

With its clean, cubic shape, the D6 steam bath appears modern and inviting for relaxation. The glass door allows a glimpse into the interior, whilst the customisable exterior supports the feel-good factor. 

D6 steam bath Pictureline

Custom-printed walls in the design of your choice.

D6 steam bath Black

Black walls and ceiling with elements in dark anthracite.

D6 steam bath Diamond

Charming sparkle through the fine gold mesh inlay of the black walls.

D6 steam bath White

Simplistic and modern. D6 steam bath in white.

D6 steam bath Colourline

Youthful and fresh. White and coloured surfaces in combination. Other colour options are available.


  • Fold-down benches for maximum cleaning convenience 

  • Free furnishing with distance from the wall 

  • Innovative ceiling construction with modern, sloped roof. 

  • Seat and step in the tried-and-tested, touch-friendly 
    solid surface 

  • MK5 steam generator (self-cleaning) 
    or EL2 steam generator (up to 2.12 x 2.12 m cabin size) 

  • KLAFS GREEN STEAM energy-saving package for reducing energy requirements 

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The first modular steam bath for residential and commercial wellness areas

With the new D12 steam bath, KLAFS has succeeded for the first time in realizing the concept of a modular steam bath with completely glass walls for private and commercial spa facilities. Transparent and graceful, the steam bath blends into the individual living and wellness situation. The removable seating surface in fine teak creates a sophisticated contrast in the choice of materials. But porcelain stoneware and natural stone are also available which complement the innovative steam bath design. A sparkling starry sky or indirect lighting with varying colored light transforms the mist in the D12 steam bath into a magical shimmer. 

Steam bath - health benefits

Steam bathing is not only popular, but healthy. It is similar to the sauna, but with an entirely different climate: not so hot and much more humid. Nevertheless, in its effect, it can be compared with the sauna. For many, it is the low bathing temperatures between 43 - 46 °C and the relative humidity of 100% that are considered ideal for relaxation. Hot steam is considered particularly beneficial for respiratory diseases and rheumatic complaints. The effect of the steam can be further enhanced by adding fragrances and flavors from medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits and spices. Those who value beautiful skin have long appreciated the moist warmth of the steam bath. It promotes blood circulation and can both cleanse and revitalize the skin. 

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