PREMIUM sauna exactly made to measure

Previously a built-in closet, now a spacious sauna for the whole family.

Having grown tall, the owners had significant concerns that a sauna under their sloping roof in the bathroom would give off little in the way of a feel-good atmosphere. The sauna experts at KLAFS were able to dispel these concerns during the detailed consultation. And the result inspires the owners every day anew - not only visually, but also practically.

Sheer brilliance: Especially when the space intended for the installation of a sauna - as in this case - is located completely under a sloping roof , finding the right partner and the right sauna model are crucial.

As in this case. Although there would have been plenty of space in the basement of the existing building, which the clients had bought some time ago. But the couple had very different dreams: That's because the upper floor of the house offers a spacious parents' retreat, where the bedroom and bathroom areas merge. "The clients wanted to further enhance this area with a stylish sauna," says KLAFS project consultant Patrick Lumma, recalling the initial conversation.

The clients had already done their homework in detail - and therefore knew that the market leader in the sauna, pool and spa sector offers fascinating possibilities, especially when it comes to individually adapting its sauna models to the given room situation and harmoniously integrating them into the existing living environment. "We were then able to quickly present a basic plan, which already covered the clients' wishes very well", recalls Lumma. At the on-site appointment, he then worked with the couple to refine this concept until it finally matched their wishes down to the last detail. Now only the closet previously installed in this place had to give way - and the sauna project could start.

The basis for this individual, 2.6-meter-wide, just under 2.3-meter-high and 3-meter-deep built-in sauna is the "Premium" model, which is virtually unbeatable, especially when it comes to adaptability to spatial conditions. The "Premium" also offers many beautiful and useful details such as ergonomically shaped headrests and backrests, screens between the benches and a stool perfectly matching the design of the cabin for comfortable climbing onto the sauna benches.

In order to make the best possible use of the available space in the cabin despite the installation location under the sloping roof, Lumma recommended the "Bonatherm" under bench sauna heater to the clients - and the patented "Sanarium" system for no less than five different forms of bathing in one cabin (classic sauna, warm air bath, tropical bath, aroma bath and soft steam bath). Infusions are, of course, still possible without any problems - thanks to the infusion flap inconspicuously embedded in the bench panel.

A striking detail is also the backlit "Bonatherm" wall, which, together with the indirect "Sunset" lighting behind the backrest, provides the cabin with a warm, harmonious lighting atmosphere. But this wall not only looks good, it also has an important function: It ensures particularly favorable, even heat distribution in the cabin.

To ensure that the sauna fits unobtrusively and harmoniously into the living environment, as desired, and also that no enclosed feeling arises when bathing in the sauna, the experienced KLAFS project consultant also advised the clients to use a continuous glass front. Good tip: "The generous feeling of space in the cabin has really amazed the clients",says Lumma, pleased. Positive side effect: The sauna blends in with its surroundings, underlining the modern style of furnishing - and yet setting its very own aesthetic highlights.

The generous feeling of space in the cabin really amazed the clients.
Patrick Lumma

Planning + realization

Your project

Do you want a sauna in an alcove or under a sloping roof and still want an airy feeling when bathing in the sauna? This very successful project provides a wide range of ideas for this.

  • Let potential partners show you examples of successful custom installations. This way you can see right away if you are at the right address.
  • One cabin, five different bathing forms: The patented "Sanarium" concept offers you unique variety.
  • If space is limited, a sauna heater under the bench is the first choice. A continuous glass front prevents an enclosed feeling in the cabin during sauna bathing.
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