Refuge under the roof with PREMIUM sauna

In the middle of Innsbruck - the PREMIUM sauna perfectly fitted into the roof alcove

Precious moments of relaxation, in which the hustle and bustle of everyday life recedes far into the distance and reflection on one's own body comes to the fore - that's what we all long for. More and more people are investing in this sustainably healthy luxury and consciously reserving space in their own homes for places of tranquility and wellness oases.

For the young S. family, it was time for a new home. When planning the roof truss conversion, the area for the private sauna could not be left out, and so together with architect DI Ute Albrecht and KLAFS wellness expert Christoph Viertl, tinkering was done.

"An exciting task - a 6m high, old attic, which was to be converted and in the middle of Innsbruck as well. The roof truss was perfect and was to come into its own in the new rooms. Therefore, except for two cuts for terraces, the roof remained in its original form. The challenge: To insulate the new living spaces sufficiently and protect them against overheating in summer. The result - a renovated old building with architecture, a high level of comfort and a climate-active gold standard," says the architect enthusiastically.

The impressive effect of the roof beams was perfectly complemented by a design-oriented KLAFS Premium sauna. The abachi benches were stylishly highlighted with indirect under-bench lighting, and the blacked-out glass front provides elegant privacy. Thus, a skillful interplay of colors and materials was created.

This has created a dream living space for the S. family, with the perfect combination of design, quality and the old.

"We are very happy with our Klafs sauna, in which we have been able to spend many relaxing hours this winter!" says the satisfied owner.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with Ms. Albrecht and the client, the project was ultimately implemented perfectly."
KLAFS wellness expert Christoph Viertl

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