MATTEO THUN sauna in the garage

From cold garage to wellness oasis

The vacation home of the Kästli-Gübeli family stands above the village of Bivio, situated just before the Julier Pass at 1800 meters above sea level, and which has just 200 inhabitants. The all-around timbered vacation home has become the family's favorite retreat. As often as possible, the family tries to leave their city life behind and enjoy the peace and serenity of the Grisons Alps. A special incentive to stay in the vacation home is the sauna from KLAFS.

Once there was a damp and cold garage on the first floor of the vacation home, which was never used at all because of the narrow driveway. That's when the current owner came up with the idea of transforming the garage into a feel-good oasis for the whole family. As an architect, he immediately took the project into his own hands. He built the room to match the rest of the interior with lots of wood and a generous window front. The furniture was limited to a sauna and a sofa, a lamp and two small side tables. Everything has its function. For the owner of the vacation home, it was important to create a plain, simple and yet cozy space.

In search of a suitable sauna, he found what he was looking for at KLAFS. The uniquely striking face of the Matteo Thun sauna is characterized by the interplay of oak strips and joints. The front is designed from ceiling-high glass, creating a visual opening to the outside that plays virtuously with the incident light. Nevertheless, the view in the other direction - from the outside to the inside - is almost impossible and provides the desired privacy. Simple, unadorned shapes and a preference for warm and natural materials characterize the product design of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.
"This was the decisive argument for me that we decided on this sauna," says Michel Gübeli.

The interior of the sauna also impresses with simple, harmonious and yet incredibly functional design. The heater, as well as the built-in music system, are discreetly hidden under the oak bench, practical and childproof. With a remote control, music and light can be regulated as desired, directly while taking a sauna. And with the KLAFS app, the sauna can be heated up from the ski slope so that it already has the desired climate when you arrive home. Because with the Sanarium® additional feature, which was developed exclusively by KLAFS, five different climate zones can be enjoyed in the sauna. The sauna guest simply selects the climate zone he or she feels like at the moment, and the Sanarium® automatically adjusts humidity and temperature to suit. So sauna is fun even for the children.

Guests are always welcome in the vacation home. Because the oasis of well-being can be elegantly converted into an additional bedroom or children's room. The sofa becomes a sofa bed and the side tables can be used as a desk for painting and crafts. Seating is provided by the spruce bench by the window sill. The sauna then blends discreetly, almost invisibly into the room and creates a feel-good atmosphere.


  • Matteo Thun sauna 
  • Interior and exterior paneling of oak panels, BONATHERM VS under bench sauna heater 
  • Additional features SANARIUM, audio package, KLAFS SAUNAAPP 
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