Reactions of the body

to the sauna and SANARIUM®

If you start going to the sauna regularly when you are young, you will extend your life expectancy by at least 5 years. Even those who start in middle age increase this by 2-3 years.*
(*Dr. Rainer Brenke has been researching the subject of sauna bathing and health for over 30 years)

Find out what reactions sauna bathing triggers in the body and why sauna bathers live longer.

How the body reacts

To dissipate the heat, the vessels under the skin dilate and the uppermost layers of the skin are better supplied with blood.

The heart increases its output by about 50 percent to maintain blood pressure despite the dilated vessels.

The core body temperature rises moderately (from 37 to around 38 °C); physicians also refer to this as "artificial fever".

The metabolism is significantly activated and increased. When cooling down, the vessels contract again and the pulse rate normalizes.

Healthy training for the vascular system

The alternating warm bathing, i.e. the alternating widening and narrowing of the blood vessels, trains them.

This makes for stronger vessels and prevents cardiovascular disease.

This vascular training allows the body to react more quickly to heat and cold stimuli - while you don't freeze as quickly in winter, you suffer less from the heat in summer.

Sauna bathing strengthens the immune system

Regular sauna or SANARIUM® sessions improve blood flow to the mucous membranes, which also results in more immune cells in the mucous membranes.

Beneficial sauna bathing increases the number of white blood cells, which have a positive effect in the fight against pathogens.

The body's defenses are thus significantly higher - not only against colds, but also against allergies such as hay fever. 

Sleep better through regular sauna bathing

The sauna and the SANARIUM® stimulate the parasympathetic system ("relaxation nerve").

The pleasant exhaustion after the sauna or SANARIUM® leads to faster falling asleep and fewer waking phases during the night.

Those who regularly go to the sauna or the SANARIUM® therefore feel much more rested and refreshed due to the longer and more intensive sleep phases.

How heat makes muscles relax

A short wellness vacation for the muscles: Regular contact with heat relaxes the muscles, supporting regeneration after athletic exertion. The increased blood plasma in the body facilitates the work of the heart, increases the water reserves in the body and helps it to better regulate its own temperature.

The sauna or SANARIUM® are therefore the ideal complement to training - not only for professional athletes. 

Sauna and salt clear the respiratory tract

The hot air also has a positive effect on the blood circulation of the mucous membranes and on the secretions in the respiratory tract.

With regular visits to the sauna, let not only yourself but also the muscles of your bronchial tubes relax.

With Microsalt SaltProX you additionally benefit from the positive effects of dry salt inhalation.

Promote beautiful skin with a sauna

While our head can switch off in the sauna, the skin works at full speed: Regular saunas prevent skin deficiency symptoms in the long term and optimize the supply of nutrients to the skin.

The improved blood circulation delays the drying out of the skin surface, thus counteracting the formation of wrinkles and also strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier (study by the University Dermatological Clinic in Jena).

Long-term effects on the body and mind

After just a few weeks of regular bathing in the sauna or SANARIUM®, the body's core temperature drops by around 0.5 °C, various aging processes slow down and fewer free radicals are produced.

The vasodilatory effect of the hot-cold stimulus counteracts the development of arteriosclerosis. (Japanese studies)

There is a lower risk of sudden cardiac death or death from coronary artery disease. (Finnish study)

The risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia decreases. (Finnish study)