Private spa in vacation home

A high-quality wellness area with an Alpine interior and exclusive sauna technology was installed in a vacation home in the idyllic Engadine village of Sils.

The Engadine is known for its stone-built houses in the unmistakable Engadine style. A wellness area equipped with all the extras has been created in just such a house, which has been used as a vacation home by the owners for decades. "The client has been a loyal KLAFS fan for decades," says Rouven Riggenbach, the KLAFS consultant in charge. "As an avid sauna-goer and connoisseur, he has the highest standards for the execution of the wellness facility. Technology and design are very important to him." Thus, the basement was completely renovated, the KLAFS sauna, which was about 30 years old, was removed and installed in another of the vacation home owner's residential properties.

Reclaimed wood and Vals quartzite from Grisons

In order to preserve the original Engadine building character of the vacation home, the basement finish was based on a simple, clear design and natural materials such as reclaimed wood and Valser quartzite, a high-quality natural stone from Grisons. While the sunburnt reclaimed wood was used for the interior and exterior cladding of the sauna, the walls of the adjacent relaxation room, the floor as well as the jacuzzi cladding are designed with the solid Vals quartzite. This provides a nice contrast and gives the wellness area a sense of calm and coziness despite the wild, irregular wood grain.

Generous space and view

The sauna offers enough space for the six-member family and friends of the owners and is a unique piece, custom-made exclusively for this room. The sauna orientation and the all-glass front made of ESG-H clear glass allow an unobstructed view into the vestibule with lounger area and onto the jacuzzi. A window soffit also opens the view into the side relaxation room, which can also be used for cooling down. Thanks to a skylight, the wellness area receives daylight.

The hemlock floating benches run parallel and are arranged over two levels. Those who like it even more comfortable can make themselves comfortable on the exclusive Mollis sauna mats from KLAFS. The textiles specially made for the sauna are resistant to heat and bacteria and also dry quickly.

The perfect sauna climate

The perfect sauna climate is provided by a powerful 12 kW underbench sauna heater with automatic infusion system. Stowed under the seat, children are safe from any touch and it creates extra space. The SANARIUM® function integrated in the heater turns one sauna into five: A classic sauna, a hot air bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a soft steam bath. The sauna guest simply selects the climate zone and the SANARIUM® adjusts humidity and temperature completely automatically.

Sauna with energy saving function

Another special feature of the sauna is the integrated "KLAFS Green Sauna Package" - it enables energy savings of around 40 percent. For example, it ensures that lights and special features are only in operation while the cabin is actually in use. And: An automatic shutter for the ventilation system and the double-walled "EcoPlus" thermal ceiling keep the heated air in the cabin for a particularly long time.

Atmosphere thanks to light

Optical highlights are provided by a starry sky with 242 irregularly distributed star points and indirect, dimmable underbench lighting. 

Vacations in this home leave nothing to be desired. 365 days of wellness, hiking, skiing and enjoyment. Pure idyll.

3D tour


  • CASENA model
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 340 x 236.5 x 340
  • Interior cladding in sunburnt reclaimed wood
  • Two-tiered benches
  • Starry sky with 242 points of light over the ceiling area with color wheel
  • Warm white SUNSET L backrest lighting
  • Sound package consisting of two heat and steam resistant hi-fi speakers
  • KLAFS SANARIUM control unit 21033 T
  • KLAFS BONATHERM 12kw under bench heater
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