Beauty & Treatment

Beauty makes beauty.

The KLAFS Spa range gives you relaxation in its most beautiful form. KLAFS wellness and beauty products for your whole Spa area are a treat for your guests’ bodies and their eyes. Just take a look for yourself.

sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE®

365 days of sun per year: Use the beneficial effects of warmth or sunlight. The elegant KLAFS sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® is the ideal addition to your relaxation room, and is available in two versions: as sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® U (with UV light) for a natural, lasting tan and to increase your body’s production of vitamin D, or as sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® K with collagen to stimulate regeneration processes in the skin and make it suppler and smoother.


The eVitarium® is a treatment tub for hydrogalvanic baths with warm water. Two programmes are available: ENERGY and RELAX. The anatomically shaped tub has an integrated tub shortener for optimal bathing comfort. The inner shell, back rest, foot rest and cladding are made of low-maintenance, skin-friendly gelcoat. The tub can be filled automatically thanks to the filling level sensor. The energy supply is handled by a lithium-ion battery, and the eVitarium® is operated using a touch screen control.

Sway Pendulum Lounger

SWAY is a pendulum lounger in the form of a comfortable bed. Its special pendulum movement has been scientifically proven to synchronise with brain waves. This calms your breathing, heart rate and muscle tone. After just 15 to 20 minutes, you will awaken again deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Mud Bath

The MUD BATH provides a particularly long-lasting and atmospheric relaxation experience. KLAFS has given great thought to the development of the MUD BATH. The seating area is slightly tilted backwards allowing mud and water to be easily transported away via the surrounding channel. The seats are hand finished in nonjointed ceramic enabling ease of cleaning.


The ground beneath your feet as a challenge. The motion as a basic need. The foot as a sensory organ. TAOSENSA provides a unique combination of these three natural components. The ground beneath your feet challenges the body, forcing it to gather information in order to keep its balance, thus triggering stimuli for the entire organism.


Once your guests have relaxed, it’s time to relax yourself and enjoy the benefits of the fully automated control unit while SANOSPA treats every bather to a unique underwater massage. SANOSPA is available in white, mother of pearl or in a version tiled with high-quality mosaic. Just as you like it.


Your guests will feel as if they are floating above the water once they experience SANOTHERM, the heated treatment table for whole body wraps. Each treatment begins with application of essences onto the body, regardless of whether bathers are undergoing thalassotherapy, are taking an aroma therapy bath or are about to embark on a chalk mud wrap. They are then bedded down and into their soft covering, and the relaxation wow-factor kicks in. The tub rises and the guest is elevated to 7th spa heaven to enjoy the restful warmth of the water bed.


SPAVITAL makes everything possible from dry to wet massages and from hot stone to reflexology massages. We have made the table as easy to operate as possible for you and your guests. The electrical height adjustment system which lifts the table surface from 560 to 860 mm has a double beneficial effect by assisting your guests to safely climb on and off the bench and by not straining the back of your masseur whilst the massage is being carried out. The plinth can also be raised to allow easy cleaning.

Beauty & Treatment

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