ESPURO® foam steam bath

ESPURO® foam steam bath

  • The world's first foam steam bath
  • A completely new bathing experience

A symbiosis of
steam and foam

Foam has exerted a magical fascination on us for centuries and is celebrated in many cultures in corresponding rituals. Soothing steam relaxes, scent inspires the senses, colors awaken feelings, and foam ceremonies cleanse and relax at the same time.

ESPURO® foam steam bath

The new wellness ceremony

An experience that stays in the memory and offers your guests real added value.

A wellness ceremony

The intertwining of light, sound, heat and foam transforms every bath into a voyage of discovery for the senses, transporting the mind and body to another world at the touch of a button.

Exciting fun factor moments

The crackling crystals not only caress the skin but also transports you back to blissful, playful memories, no matter what age you are. Relax and enjoy the foamy beautiful bathing experience, while enjoying the fun factor and endorphins the experience creates. The steam not only has a relaxing effect, but also enables the heated skin to be supplied with optimal moisture.

Nourishing foam

The foam, which we developed especially for this application, consists of natural ingredients of plant origin, does not collapse and is particularly nourishing for the heated skin.

The right investment

Whether your establishment is a hotel, spa, thermal bath, health club or cruise ship, guests are looking for wellness, relaxation and that something extraordinary and special when it comes to escaping the daily routine of life. The ESPURO® foam steam bath is definitely the right investment for your business.

Design that relaxes and inspires.

"We have integrated ESPURO® into our spa area with great expectations – our guests are thrilled by the unique foam experience."

Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe

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ESPURO® foam steam bath equipment

ESPURO® foam steam bath cabin

ESPURO® adds a unique foam experience to the hammam ritual. Enrich your wellness area with a new, fully equipped cabin. The foam is produced via an integrated foam outlet and funnelled into the cabin.

Option for retrofitting

If there is already a KLAFS steam bath in your wellness area, you can expand it with the ESPURO® retrofit option to include the foam steam bath under certain structural conditions. This involves attaching a foam outlet to the ceiling, through which the foam can flow into the cabin from the outside. ESPURO® can also be combined and retrofitted as additional equipment with all other existing warm sweat baths such as mud bath, hammam or caldarium.

ESPURO® foam essences

The foam, specially developed by KLAFS, consists of natural ingredients of plant origin that pampers the heated skin and are particularly nourishing. The vegan friendly substances are specially tested. Coconut sulfates are used as the long-chain fatty acids enable a much gentler and more skin-friendly cleansing process compared to conventional substances. The Dermatest Institute has also rated all ESPURO® foam steam bath essences as “very good” for sensitive skin.

ESPURO® Hygiene concept

The hygiene concept, which has been verified by expert opinion, guarantees optimum and efficient cleaning after each bathing session. Within the shortest possible time, the foam is degassed by special nozzles and will not disperse of the foam cabin. All water-bearing pipes are rinsed and disinfected at the touch of a button. Thanks to this sophisticated cleaning and hygiene concept, the foam cabin experience is completely worry-free for the operators of the facility.

Technical requirements

Are you just as fascinated by this new way of enjoying wellness as we are and consider enriching your spa area with an ESPURO® foam steam bath? Then you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the installation here. Download pdf now!
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  • A wellness ceremony for all the senses. Different bathing phases guide you through an unforgettable journey.
  • Relaxation with a fun factor: an experience that offers guests real added value
  • A dream for the skin: ESPURO® foam essences with pure plant ingredients are particularly suitable for cleansing and soothing care of sensitive skin.
  • Maximum flexibility: possibility of retrofitting to existing KLAFS warm baths cabins.
  • Hygienically clean: automatic disinfection and hygiene concept verified by an expert opinion.

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ESPURO® foam steam bath

An experience for all the senses

ESPURO® foam steam bath

A symbiosis of steam, foam, fragrance, light and sound.

The daily routine is interrupted as the ESPURO® transports the bathers on an unforgettable journey that invites them to feel, smell - and repeat.

The sensory journey begins
An atmospheric play of colour and light welcomes the bather. Seated comfortably, the first phase of the ESPURO® foam ceremony begins - heavenly foam floods the bath for the first time. As the foam production ends, the bathers can indulge in the pleasant warmth of the steam and the nurturing foam.
A bath above the clouds
The lighting conjures up fascinating light effects and announces the next bathing phase - the cabin is flooded with foam for a second time. The bathers are now comfortably wrapped up to chest level in fragrant, nurturing foam and can fully indulge in the soft cloud bath. Relaxing sounds and soothing scents - together with the play of colour and light, evoke the spirit of sunsets and walks in the woods, and awaken childhood memories of the pleasure of a bubble bath.
A warm summer rain to finish
Bathers enjoy the skin-caring properties of the foam before harmonious sounds herald the end of the ESPURO® journey: Like warm summer rain, the water begins to rattle down, dissolving the foam bubbles into glittering crystals.
Heavenly memory
The heavenly bathing pleasure finishes with an ice-cold shower and a few steps in the fresh air. The ceremony ends, but the memory does not.
Exclusive Bathing Experience
The ceremonies of Forest bathing, Ginger lagoon and Senses of nature have been exclusively designed for the ESPURO® foam steam bath offering your guests a unique sensory experience. Scent, light and sound come together as one to create a totally relaxing and extraordinary bathing experience.