A burst of freshness for your guests

After a sauna or steam bath, cooling down is not only extremely important, but also gives your bathers a particularly zingy burst of freshness. Treat your guests to an ice fountain, the ICE LOUNGE or the SNOW PARADISE as a real highlight and supplement to conventional ways of cooling down.


Best served ice cold

From individual ice fountains to the refreshing experience of the ICE LOUNGE, with our cooling products, you are guaranteed to offer your guests ice-cold refreshment, all year round.

The ICE LOUNGE provides an impressive ambience with a unique look and is a quickly retrofitted, distinctive highlight in your wellness area thanks to its straightforward installation.
Snow paradise
POLARIS ice fountain
STALAGMITE ice fountain
Individual ice fountain
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Experience showers

From Kneipp hoses or drench showers to sophisticated experience showers, you can customise the cooling down, relaxing phase of the thermal journey. 

How about polar freezing rain, for example? In a cool blue light, a cool shower rains down on the bather as a refreshing body spray.

Or perhaps your guests would prefer warm tropical rain, with bird sounds, warm red light and tropical scents?

Our MONSUN and SPRING CREEK experience showers offer various showering options, which massage the skin, and provide a wonderful experience stimulus. A choice of different water temperatures, mist, or rain effects, ensure these showers are a unique experience. Changing coloured lights and optional scents provide a beautiful sensory experience. In addition, an experience shower can also be used for pre-cleaning before sauna bathing or as a supplement in treatment rooms.

Plunge pool

The cooling down period after the sauna is an indispensable part of the healthy sauna experience. This is the only way to fully enjoy the multitude of positive effects that the sauna offers. A short dip in the plunge pool is perfect for this. KLAFS plunge pools can be designed individually according to your wishes, specifically to complement your spa.

Alternatively, a prefabricated option such as our LITE plunge pool is also suitable. It impresses with its simple shape and design. Made of durable Gelcoat, it is very easy to maintain and clean, and can be installed either as a freestanding pool with ladder and cladding or as a recessed pool.


Cooling as far as the eye can see! A selection of our references with products for cooling down for businesses, hotels, spas, and leisure pools provides a wealth of inspiration.

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