Steam bath

Unique, beautiful steam baths

Unlimited design freedom and an enormous range of shapes, materials and surfaces characterize our steam baths. Our teams of experts give each project the necessary space for a lot of creativity and individuality, and together we will design the most extraordinary steam baths.  

Steam bath


What you can imagine, we can implement! Our company philosophy applies perfectly, especially in the field of steam bath architecture.

Steam bath
Floor plans
We offer a wide range of design options for steam bath floor plans. From rectangular to round or elliptical steam baths, free-form or 3D block-milled, our teams of experienced designers, engineers, construction and project managers, and installers have successfully completed more than 3,300 projects worldwide.
Steam bath
Infinite options are offered in the choice of materials and finishes. For example, porcelain tiles, glass, mosaic, ceramics or certain natural stones are beautiful materials for a steam bath. Certain mineral composites such as Varicor or Corian are also suitable as surfaces in the steam bath. Our experts are on hand to help you choose the right materials.
Steam bath
We use the most proven lighting systems on the market to meet the correspondingly high demands in the steam bath. Halogen bulbs can be a temperature-resistant lighting option in extreme areas. Reversible and easily replaceable LED bulbs offer the widest range of possibilities and are very energy efficient. A starry sky in fiber-optic technology provides a relaxing shower of light.
Steam bath
For the ceiling, we usually use our specially developed white plaster, which is designed for the steam bath. The grain of the plaster ensures that when bathing, large drops do not form and fall on your guests. Any color is possible here. Alternatively, the ceiling can be made of an acrylic pyramid roof. This offers the advantage of very easy cleaning.
Steam bath
Steam outlet
Space-saving and easy to clean, our PSI and HOMBRE steam niche are ideal for steam baths of small to medium size. Our steam fireplace is the "all-rounder" and can be constructed either round or square, with a free choice of surface, as a wall fireplace, free-standing or as a solution integrated into the bench. The DOME porcelain sphere offers a spectacular steam and light show and is exclusively available from KLAFS.
Steam bath
Doors, glass fronts & fittings
Continuous, large glass fronts, elegant doors and matching hardware - the first glance always falls on the front of a steam bath. Therefore, this area is very important. As in all parts, a lot of design freedom is possible, different heights, widths and materials can be selected - always in the highest quality and excellent workmanship.
Steam bath
Optional features
Steam blast option: During the so-called "steam blast", not steam but high-purity air is blown in through the cabin ceiling, creating a sensation similar to an infusion in the sauna.

Mud bath option: With a few adjustments (shower heads, wall heating and control unit), the steam bath can also be operated as a mud bath.
Steam bath


All our components are perfectly matched technologically, tested and have been successfully in use for years. These include our heating systems, construction chemicals, built-in components and our lightweight panel system.


Our modern production processes ensure the highest standards and low tolerances. We use tested and certified systems and system components that you can rely on. You benefit from our broad service network, key account managers and trained specialist staff. 


Steam baths as far as the eye can see! A selection of our references with sauna and spa for commercial, hotel, spa and leisure pool provides a wealth of inspiration.

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Acrylic steam bath

Our D6 acrylic steam bath consists of a completely insulated body made of hygienic, easy-care acrylic. The robust steam generator with its intelligent control unit sets the desired climate, which is kept long inside the cabin due to its excellent insulation. The steam is evenly distributed in the cabin via CIRCOSTEAM.

Glass steam bath

D12 glass steam bath: The modular wall construction made out of aluminum and glass (AGW) consists of a lightweight and high-strength aluminium frame construction and thermally well-insulated glass elements. The practical modular design allows you to customise the cabin size and seating arrangement and realise your idea of the perfect steam bath in no time at all.

ESPURO® foam steam bath

Foam has exerted a magical fascination on us for centuries and is celebrated in many cultures in corresponding rituals. Soothing steam relaxes, scent inspires the senses, colors awaken feelings, and foam ceremonies cleanse and relax at the same time. An experience that stays in the memory and offers your guests real added value.

Steam shower

KLAFS steam showers bundle maximum pleasure in the smallest space. The combination of shower and steam bath turns the relaxing steam experience into a refreshing cool down. As with our steam baths, there are no limits to the variety of possibilities when designing a steam shower.

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