Ice fountain

Refreshment for the senses

Nothing feels as good after a sauna session as the tingling refreshment of an ice fountain. It is the sudden meeting of heated skin and slowly melting ice that creates that characteristic sauna feeling. An ice fountain is a real highlight in any sauna and wellness area and, in addition to the experience that the ice fountain offers, it is eye-catchingly beautiful. 

Ice fountain


The STALAGMITE ice fountain works differently than conventional devices: Here, the ice does not fall from the top into a collection tray but grows - as the name suggests - from the bottom up. 

This has two advantages. The STALAGMITE is particularly easy, fast and cost-effective to install because it can be freestanding, for example, in a previously unused corner of the room. It only needs connections for water, wastewater and electricity. The STALAGMITE also offers a unique spectacle and is therefore entirely unique in today's wellness market. 

With its timelessly elegant design and the equally chic and resistant cladding made of white solid surface material, it fits harmoniously into any environment and is an attractive highlight for guests of spa areas in hotels, leisure and experience pools or thermal spas. 

In keeping with the icy theme, the ice bowl is staged with shimmering LED backlighting in cool blue or with an optional colour changing light. As a central eye-catcher and source of the coveted cold, the STALAGMITE ice fountain is also used in our ICE LOUNGE. 

Ice fountain


The POLARIS ice fountain is a real asset for your wellness area.  Due to its thoughtful design and modular arrangement, it can be used virtually anywhere in your spa area. The safety system and simple operation also make behind-the-scenes operation worry-free. The POLARIS ice fountain offers terrific value for money. 

The powerful flake ice maker, with its optional higher ice production capacity of 300 kg/24h (standard equipment 140 kg/24h), the POLARIS produces particularly smooth ice and granular, non-sharp-edged ice flakes. At the same time, the ice flakes have an additional side effect: as they finely exfoliate the skin. 

The optional colour change lighting sets the scene for the ice fountain and the ice crystals will start to glitter. This way, even the cooling area in your spa will easily become a visual masterpiece.  


Ice fountain


In terms of design, there are virtually no limits to the ice fountain from KLAFS. It adapts to individual customer requirements in its tiling, but backlit glass cladding is also possible. It thus blends harmoniously with both the minimalist spa and a fairy-tale themed world. 

Free-standing or integrated into the wall - the KLAFS ice fountain always cuts a fine figure and adapts to the shape, colour and material of your wellness facility or your wishes. The ice collecting bowls vary in material, from stainless steel to copper and glass. 

It is also possible to dispense ice directly into a plunge pool, making your cooling-down period a pleasant experience, not unlike bathing in a winter-frozen lake. 

Ice fountain


  • Uncomplicated and simple assembly (free-standing on finished floor) 

  • Easy to clean ice collecting basin with slope and melt water drain made of powder-coated aluminum 

  • Insulated ice collecting tray with slope and drain, removable glass plates on which ice is placed 

  • Multi-stage safety concept and control technology with sensor monitoring and heat-insulated ice collection container  

  • A closed water circuit as well as an integrated cartridge filter to reduce limescale deposits against germ formation and a sterile filter against microorganisms to eradicate bacteriological contamination. 

  • Lighting: Modern LED illumination of the collecting tray in blue with optional colour change 

  • The height of the stalagmites can be adjusted 

  • Two levels: Ice does not freeze together and remains consistently flaky and soft 

  • Cladding made of solid surface material in white 

  • Only ice is produced and thus, only energy or cooling water is required when ice is removed or defrosts 

  • Dimensions of the ice maker: Depth: 100 cm, Width: 100 cm, Height: 98 cm, Weight: 184 kg including ice 

  • Numerous installation options and integrative design 

  • Flake ice production with optimized power and water consumption 

  • Modular, integrative installation form which adapts to any style 

  • Reliable, proven safety system 

  • Robust and low maintenance 

  • Easy to clean 

  • Frame aperture for opening 

  • Ice collection tray in white 

  • LED lighting in blue, optional: LED RGB colour changing light 

  • Ice maker with an ice production capacity of 140 kg/24 h, with substructure 

  • Optional: Upgrade to an ice production capacity of 300 kg/24 hrs

  • Freestanding or integrated into the wall  

  • In shape, colour and material suitable for your wellness facility and wishes 

  • Ice collecting trays in materials ranging from stainless steel to copper and glass 

  • Numerous options for wall cladding of e.g., tile, mosaic, or backlit glass 


Ice fountains as far as the eye can see! A selection of our references will provide a wealth of inspiration for cooling products suitable for businesses, hotels, spas, and leisure pools.

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