KLAFS SNOW PARADISE Mountain Line - Mountain Creek
KLAFS SNOW PARADISE Mountain Line - Mountain Creek


  • Snow in every season
  • Self-sufficient system

Cooling down in a winter landscape

One of the most fascinating cooling experiences of all awaits the discerning sauna guest in the SNOW PARADISE, complete with wintry all-year-round fun that not only promotes blood circulation but also has powerful beneficial effects on the lungs and respiratory tract.


Snow in every season

Cool off in a winter landscape amidst rocks and crevasses with the finest powdered snow.

Dreamlike winter world

Winter fun all year round with natural, fine powder snow made of pure water, which promises to transport you to a dreamlike winter world.

Stimulating and relaxing

What could be more refreshing than enjoying the uniquely satisfying "Finnish" cooling experience after a sauna session at a tingling -10°C? The cooling down of your snowy paradise has beneficial effects on the lungs and respiratory tract and, in combination with the sauna session, can help to promote healthy blood circulation. Further benefits include training your metabolism and immunity.

State of the art construction

Each snow cabin is highly insulated and equipped with an entrance lock. This ensures a constant climate in the SNOW PARADISE and helps to save energy. The optimized construction system of the snow paradise is physically tested, verified, and equipped with hygienically harmless materials and the latest safe technology.

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Snow paradise interior design

The windows can be made in different dimensions. A ceiling dome, LED lighting and starry sky complete the interior. You have a multitude of additional options at your disposal - illuminated acrylic ice cubes, tree trunks made of waterproof GRP and artificial rock objects are all available for you to choose from.

SNOW PARADISE customisation

A wide range of options are available to customise your snow paradise. For example, individual motif milling in the panel of the snow outlet grille is possible, as well as assorted designs of artificial stone and a whole range of exterior cladding finishes.


  • Holistic stimulating and tingling cooling experience  
  • Wide range of equipment options, customisation options and product lines 
  • Graceful glacier landscape that transports you to a dreamlike winter world after opening the door 
  • Snow is processed exclusively from air and water with cold-generating compressors and state-of-the-art plant technology, and is free of any chemical additives  
  • Each snow cabin is highly insulated and equipped with an entrance lock. As a result, the snow melts less, the defrosting intervals for cleaning are extended and the operator has lower maintenance expenses
  •  Building system verified, tested and optimized by building physics 
  • Minimum size: Height x width x depth: 2.65 x 2.40 x 3.40 m (installation height min. 2.90 m) 

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