Spa & outdoor furniture by IKONO

IKONO spa & outdoor furniture

Diversity in form & function

KLAFS spa & outdoor furniture by IKONO, the new freedom in property design. Consisting of a selection of 36 individual modules, the innovative lounge furniture can be reinvented again and again. A patented connection system allows you to change the placement of the modules as often as you like, allowing you to custom create any spa area or outdoor space.

Due to the stylishly simple basic design, this furniture not only offers unlimited possibilities in design, but is also completely unbound by time and space. Combined with our specially designed fabric options, as well as the possibility of custom finishing/branding, we offer you nothing less than absolute freedom in designing and enhancing your wellness area.

IKONO spa & outdoor furniture

Innovative lounge furniture in a modular system

Consisting of a selection of 36 individual modules, the innovative lounge furniture can be used very flexibly.

Outdoor lounges
The idea of designing full-fledged, cozy and yet stylish outdoor furniture is in every detail of the KLAFS spa & outdoor edition. The collection boasts quality features such as the highest quality outdoor fabrics, weather-resistant protective covers and an easy-to-install anti-theft device (if needed) and is available in a variety of sizes.
Daybed variations
The daybed comes in three size options. You can choose between the seat grids of 110 cm, 160 cm or 200 cm. With a standard depth of 110 cm, we have created a compact day bed with outstanding seating and reclining comfort. The included triangle cushions are not only a modern style element, but also represent a full-fledged backrest thanks to an anti-slip perforation, which can be variably positioned for any body size.
2 in 1 Lounge
With the 2 in 1 Lounge you can create two completely different atmospheres for your relaxation area within a few minutes. Consisting of 4 individual modules, it can be transformed from an L-shaped spa sofa into a separate version with two long chairs in a few simple steps. This gives you the freedom to easily give your wellness area a new look or just be completely flexible to the situational requirements.
Combi lounges
With the combi lounges in the KLAFS spa & outdoor edition by IKONO, you create seating and lounging landscapes according to your needs. Here, the cozy daybeds are connected with multi-functional triangular elements. Ideal for creating even more seats or even for using the triangle with a tray table, for example, to store magazines, drinks and much more. Thus, depending on the design of the combi lounge in S or M, 2 to 6 people can be seated.
Communication lounge
The communication lounge in the KLAFS spa & outdoor edition by IKONO keeps its promise. Due to the 360 degree orientation of the seating, this unconventional lounge furniture creates completely new opportunities for communication. You can exchange information with the person sitting next to you as well as in the group. The comfortable high leaning elements are arranged so that you can talk in any direction, but also be by yourself if necessary.
Relax loungers
The relax loungers are available in 2 size variants S (70 x 200 cm) or M (90 x200 cm), each with a triangular cushion which can be used both as a backrest element or head section. Each user decides flexibly and individually on the perfect sitting or reclining comfort. The anti-slip perforations on the underside of the triangle cushions make it easy to position them where you want them to rest on the lounger.


Our upholstery fabric collection blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces with purist design, outstanding quality and comfort.

Our focus is on three fabric variants, each with four colors, which have been specially developed for use in spa & wellness rooms. The fabrics impress with simple, bright and timeless color worlds. The innovation lies in the feel and finish of the fabrics. With the KLAFS spa & outdoor edition by IKONO you get high-quality upholstered furniture with so-called "lotus blossom effect". Liquids of any kind bead up on contact with the fabrics and can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth.

Our upholstery fabrics are made exclusively from solution dyed acrylic fibers. The anti-stain treatment offers long-lasting and effective protection for your outdoor fabrics from UV rays.


With KLAFS spa & outdoor furniture by IKONO, you have two partners at your side who will use their expertise to create the perfect solution especially for your relaxation area. You have the choice between ten lounge combinations, which were specially designed for the spa & outdoor area. Our product designers give you a variety of combinations through modularity, which allows you to reinvent your own space again and again with a few simple steps. In addition to our KLAFS Edition, we offer special solutions which we will be pleased to present to you during an individual consultation. The expandable combination options with a total of 36 individual modules leave nothing to be desired.

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Dreamlike wellness areas and clever solutions with KLAFS spa & outdoor furniture by IKONO. Get interesting ideas for your own project now!

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