L'IO Zentrum für Therapie & Balance

Schwetzingen, Germany

Idea & design concept

In the L’IO (Italian for “the I”) Zentrum für Therapie und Balance, the name says it all: This is where guests, under professional direction, can take time for themselves and their ailments to restore their strength. In the medicinally well-founded, holistic concept for therapy, fitness and relaxation, well-being and regeneration play an essential role. Relaxing and enjoying, with many positive effects for body and mind – the L’IO makes it possible, thanks to the clear ideas of the investors and the expertise and experience contributed by KLAFS.


Fitness and wellness offers on a total surface of approx. 635 m² with 220 m² wellness area equipped with Sauna PROFI with SANARIUM®, InfraPLUS Seats for thermal treatments with infrared, SWAY pendulum lounger with sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® K for ­collagen-generating radiation, Microsalt inhalation room with LINEA heat loungers.


Scheffelstraße 63
68723 Schwetzingen

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