Hotel Löwenhof Wellness Suite
Hotel Löwenhof Wellness Suite

Löwenhof Wellness Suite

Vahrn, Italy

Idea & concept

‘We rely on a minimalistic design with ethnic influences in our rooms. We believe that there doesn’t always have to be an endless selection of saunas and pools when it comes to wellness. That is why we have created an exclusive ambience in our spa suites with real old oak as well as custom bathtubs with enough room for two, a 90° sauna with different aromas and a view of the surrounding vineyards. Despite the view, the sauna cannot be seen from the outside due to the thoughtful design.’ (Daniel Niederstätter, Hotel Löwenhof)


Wellness suites with a Finnish panorama sauna

Hotel Löwenhof

Brennerstraße 60
39040 Bressanone

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