Zvezdnoe Nebo

Shining star in the wellness sky

Idea & concept

The unique spa complex is located near an observatory, surrounded by telescopes; indeed, the astroclimate in this area is particularly favourable for observing the night sky. In clear weather, the stars seem so bright and close that you think you can reach them – which inspired the designers to take up the ‘galaxy’ theme in the spa: here, you can not only do something good for the body but also think about the secrets of the universe. The imagination is led away from everything earthly, everyday – for deep physical and mental relaxation.


Sauna DOME with SANARIUM® and star sign on the interior panelling, AURORA sauna with SANARIUM®, steam cabin, sunrise Turkish bath, PROFI sauna, Stone relax sauna with STARRY SKY and multimedia-system ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS, salt lounge with Microsalt. Outdoor pool with a view of the snow-capped mountain peaks.

Zvezdnoe Nebo

Republic of Crimea

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