Relaxation area by KLAFS

Relaxation area

When it comes to the rest area, KLAFS offers you broad scope for creativity. With the modular IKONO spa & outdoor furniture edition, the SONNENWIESE® tanning equipment, the ergonomic LINEA heated lounger, or the SWAY pendulum lounger, you can design your rest area exactly as you like and in keeping with your overall spa environment.

ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS: The specially glazed monitors are qualified for continuous use in sauna conditions and can perfectly reproduce the brilliant quality of the films.

Dive into the wonderful world of Atmosphere. You don’t have a spa area with a clear view of the majestic Alps, the desert, or the breaking waves of the sea? With Atmosphere you can offer your guests an impressive, relaxing experience of nature in brilliant picture quality, and that for example right in the middle of the city. Unspoiled nature and authentic original sounds in spectacular harmony promote the viewer’s relaxation and well-being while at the sauna.

Two of the innovative SWAY pendulum loungers with ceiling-mounted SONNENWIESE® lighting at a first-class wellness-area.

365 days of sun per year: Use the beneficial effects of warmth or sunlight. The elegant KLAFS SONNENWIESE® sunlit meadow is the ideal addition to your relaxation room, and is available in two versions: as SONNENWIESE® U (with UV light) for a natural, lasting tan and to increase your body’s production of vitamin D, or as SONNENWIESE® K with collagen to stimulate regeneration processes in the skin and make it suppler and smoother.

Relaxation area
IKONO Spa & Outdoor furnishings

KLAFS spa & outdoor furniture by IKONO offers broader creative scope for your design projects. Consisting of a selection of 36 individual modules, this innovative lounge furniture can be reinvented time and time again. A patented connection system allows you to change the layout of the modules as often as you like, so that you can tailor any spa area or outdoor space to your requirements.

Results from a study conducted by the Fraunhofer IAO: on SWAY, people enter a relaxed state considerably faster than on a conventional lounger.
SWAY pendulum lounger

SWAY is a pendulum lounger in the form of a comfortable bed. Its special pendulum movement has been scientifically proven to synchronise with brain waves. This calms your breathing, heart rate and muscle tone. After just 15 to 20 minutes, you will awaken again deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Rest area: Saunachair

The comfy sit & tilt lounger SAUNA CHAIR features a stainless steel frame and a UV-resistant, water-resistant, beige-coloured cover. The armrests are made of teak. The lounger is perfect for relaxing moments anywhere – whether in your relaxation area, your patio or balcony, or your garden or outdoor area. The SAUNA LOUNGER features a steel frame on wheels and a UV-resistant, water-resistant, beige-coloured cover. It’s the perfect addition to any relaxation room, terrace or garden area.

LINEA heated lounger

Your guests are bound to feel warm and comfortable on our LINEA heat loungers thanks to our generously dimensioned, ergonomically shaped and heated lounging surface. And to make sure that you can also relax, we equipped LINEA with a hygienic, easy-to-clean, nonporous and durable surface. Available with porcelain stoneware tiles or glass mosaic tiles, and with a choice of three different bases, you can tailor the lounger to your individual preferences and style of furnishings.