Microsalt by KLAFS


With the Microsalt system, high-grade salt is ground into microscopically small particles using patented technology and fed into a room, generating a beneficial microclimate with dry salt aerosols.

Microsalt SaltProX
Microsalt SaltProX

 The unique Microsalt technology can easily be retrofitted in any existing sauna or infrared cabin – with the portable, battery-powered Microsalt SaltProX. When inhaling, these fine salt particles – unlike conventional salt applications – spread across the entire respiratory system, from the nose into the sinuses, from the throat to the extreme lung areas, where they can have an expectorant effect. The application results in a thorough cleansing of the airways right down to the finest alveoli, as well as the cleansing and revitalisation of the skin. Regular inhalations can also support the immune system.

Microsalt space planning
Microsalt space planning

Without having to construct extensive spaces entirely of salt, Microsalt brings the beneficial effects of salt into virtually any room, which may be designed completely individually to suit your tastes. A specially developed process involving patented technology feeds a dry salt mist into the room. The SP1 Micronizer ensures that this happens at a constant rate. With the SP4 Micronizer, a sensor monitors the salt concentration and regulates it fully automatically.

Microsalt SaltProX
The beneficial extra

The positive effects of dry salt have been proven in many scientific studies. This unique and patented Microsalt technology is now easily available and affordable for every sauna or infrared cabin, thanks to SaltProX.
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Salina lounge

With SALINA LOUNGE, the KLAFS designers were guided by the following key principle: guests should feel as though they are spending an exciting yet soothing day by the sea. For this reason, the side walls, which are made of salt crystals, and the fabric rear wall are illuminated from behind by an elaborate lighting system that simulates an entire day within just a few minutes. The incorporated patented MICROSALT technology was even recognised with the 2014 European HEALTH & SPA Award.

KLAFS salt wall inside sauna with Microsalt SP1 at the hotel Ludinmühle, Freiamt, Germany (© Bürsner & Hegedüs)

The SALT WALL is made from natural Himalayan salt and is worthy of closer attention. Lit from behind, it transforms every sauna into an oasis of well-being. The exotic gentle pink effect exuded also turns the SALT WALL into a genuine eye-catching feature bringing a whole host of paradise-like side-effects into play.