Can using a SANARIUM® lower my blood pressure?

KLAFS FAQ for well-being

Studies conducted at the Charité medical school in Berlin have shown that using a SANARIUM regularly® can help to lower blood pressure, and that regular use of a sauna can help to stabilise your vascular system. Some patients were even able to discard their blood pressure medication as a result. However, please note that before using a sauna, you should always check first with your GP if you taking medication of any description. Beta blockers, for example, which are prescribed against high blood pressure, can prevent your heart rate from accelerating, which in turn hinders the cooling down process in your blood vessels. Your GP will be able to advise you based on your state of health. If you have high blood pressure or another serious illness which has not yet been brought under control, you should not subject your body to undue stress by using a sauna.