Expert interview: sauna and salt inhalation to protect against the coronavirus

Prof. Dr. med. Resch in an interview on sauna and dry salt inhalation in connection with the coronavirus

In recent weeks, we have been receiving more questions about the health-promoting effects of sauna than ever before. We at KLAFS are looking into this and would like to contribute to clarifying questions about saunas and dry salt inhalation. That is why we are pleased that Prof. Dr med. Karl-Ludwig Resch from the German Institute for Health Research in Hof/Saale was available to answer questions about how sauna heat and dry salt inhalation can be effective against the coronavirus. In recent weeks, he has been working intensively on the SARSCoV-2 viruses and finding ways to reduce these viruses as quickly and easily as possible.

The interview is available in the download area. 

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