KLAFS presents inspirations for retreats for active recreation and health care at FIBO 2023 in Cologne, Germany

More and more people are attaching importance to a more conscious life: From nutrition and sports to more relaxation and mindfulness in everyday life, both physical and mental health are becoming increasingly important. That's why everything at FIBO in Cologne from April 13 to 16, 2023, will once again revolve around the topics of fitness, wellness and health. And at the world's largest trade show in this industry, the world market leader for sauna, wellness and spa cannot be missing: This year, KLAFS will present the world's first foam steam bath ESPURO® as well as other innovative products and novelties in order to actively shape preventive health care.

Experience KLAFS live in Hall 8, Booth B28

At FIBO 2023, KLAFS would like to meet the increasing desire for moments of relaxation with its products and inspire people to pay more attention to themselves. Hectic, pressure and tension are taking up more and more space in everyday life - this not only leads to an enormously increasing stress level in society, but often also to sleep disorders, back pain or diseases such as immune deficiency or cardiovascular diseases. From April 13 to 16, visitors to Hall 8 of the Cologne exhibition halls can therefore experience inspiration around the themes of health, relaxation and well-being, as the manufacturer of sauna, pool, wellness and spa solutions offers a comprehensive insight into some of its innovative and health-promoting products - in line with the new trend of "biohacking". One of the highlights at the KLAFS booth is the revolutionary ESPURO® foam steam bath.

KLAFS product highlight: ESPURO® foam steam bath - the completely new bathing ceremony

Wherever guests are looking for wellness and relaxation, KLAFS now offers a very special experience that has never been seen before in a comparable form and can be a real enrichment for the spa area. With this world first, KLAFS is staging a bathing ceremony that combines relaxation and bathing pleasure with beneficial skin care made exclusively from natural ingredients. This new sensory experience takes bathers on an unforgettable journey that invites them to feel, smell and dream. Visitors can learn more at KLAFS about the revolutionary bathing form of the ESPURO® foam steam bath and about its installation or the possibility of retrofitting it to existing warm sweat baths such as steam baths, hammams or mud baths.

Also in focus at this year's KLAFS trade fair appearance: Biohacking.

"Biohacking is the targeted autoregulation and regeneration of the body," explains health expert Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Resch. "Stimulating environments with heat, cold, light, movement or current pulses create stimuli that positively influence the body in a targeted and finely dosed manner." In a sense, then, biohacking aims to improve performance, health and well-being through targeted regulation and regeneration of the body. Some common biohacking techniques, such as meditation and intermittent fasting, have been around since ancient times. But stimulating environments that create powerful and beneficial pulses are also becoming increasingly important in taking care of our health. 

Biohacking with KLAFS

With this type of biohacking, one exposes oneself to optimal environments that specifically promote the regeneration of the body and relax the mind. Too many impulses or negative stimuli require physical energy, which our body can only provide for a certain period of time. It always needs time to recover, because it is only in periods of rest that the body can process the numerous impressions and regain its balance.

Through targeted positive stimuli that provide relaxation, however, one gives the body exactly the space and time to regulate and reorganize itself again. The action of these stimuli is thus precisely the basic principle of biohacking. Stimuli can be actively or passively controlled. The former means, for example, meditation. In this method, something must be learned and actively pursued in order to influence the body positively accordingly. With passive biohacks, you let the environments affect you. This has the effect that the body absorbs positive stimuli for autoregulation - you do not have to do anything yourself.

For example, heat, light, cold or gentle movements can positively influence the body. This is a principle that KLAFS makes use of and wants to create appropriate framework conditions or environments with its products that enable this access to biohacking.

Soothing heat, activating cold, harmonious movements and stimulating light

Whether sauna, SANARIUM®, steam bath or infrared, the wellness solutions from KLAFS pamper you with a comfortable warmth. The hot phase of sauna bathing has a relaxing effect, increases overall blood circulation and stimulates the immune system. With a subsequent cold stimulus, there is a counter-regulation of the body. The cold causes the blood vessels dilated by the heat to contract rapidly. Thus, the interplay of heat and cold stimuli acts as an effective vascular training for the immune and cardiovascular systems. At FIBO 2023, visitors to the KLAFS booth can discover the solutions for comfortable heat and activating cold, for example, with the new ESPURO® foam steam bath, the SAUNA PROFI, the SAUNA S1, the KLAFS infrared products or the ICE LOUNGE.

In addition to the sauna and the subsequent cooling down, however, KLAFS has other exciting biohacks up its sleeve. For example, the harmonious pendulum movements of the SWAY pendulum lounger or the stimulating light of the KLAFS SONNENWIESE® can have a similar health-promoting effect: Anyone who relaxes on the pendulum lounger will quickly notice how their body and mind shut down.  Study results of the Fraunhofer IAO prove: The SWAY's pendulum motion causes the heart rate variability to drop faster than with ordinary resting. As a result, the entire body relaxes pleasantly after only a short time. The body is lulled into a pleasant short sleep, which causes regeneration of body and mind after only 15 to 20 minutes. Combined with the tanning device KLAFS SONNENWIESE®, the SWAY pendulum lounger promises an energizing beauty sleep and, thanks to the distance and spatial freedom, conveys a feeling of sunbathing as in nature. Perfect to start with renewed vigor afterwards.

Anyone who wants to be inspired by the beneficial wellness and spa solutions and learn more about biohacking should definitely pay a visit to FIBO 2023 and the KLAFS booth B28 in Hall 8.


About KLAFS:

KLAFS has been creating places of relaxation for body and soul since 1928. Time and again, the company manages to surprise with groundbreaking innovations – such as the space-saving sauna KLAFS S1, which transforms from the size of a wall cabinet to a fully functional sauna within 20 seconds at the push of a button. Thanks to this innovative strength, KLAFS advanced from what was once a small family business to a global industry leader. Today, more than 800 employees work to meet - and exceed - the ever-increasing demands of customers. From small private sauna rooms to luxurious hotel spas. And they do this all over the world, with expert advice from carefully trained technical consultants and on-site service from experienced teams. As a trendsetter in the sauna, pool and spa industry, KLAFS continuously invests in research and development, for example to further increase the energy efficiency of its products.