Repeatedly awarded: KLAFS is one of the brands of the century

A great honour: KLAFS makes it into the renowned illustrated book of the ZEIT publishing house "German Standards - Brands of the Century 2022" once again, following the awards in 2016 and 2019.

KLAFS has been awarded as a “Brand of the Century” for the third time in a row. The world leader on the sauna market thus once again makes it into the renowned illustrated book of the ZEIT publishing group “German Standards – Brands of the Century 2022”, which presents almost 200 outstanding brands. Following the awards in 2016 and 2019, KLAFS lines up in 2022 alongside other successful companies in the famous brand book as a strong leading brand for this third time. The evaluation of the award winners is both transparent and proactive. Moreover, the awards handed out are deliberately restricted to one brand per product type.

“We’re delighted to be one of the Brands of the Century. That’s a great success for the whole KLAFS team! Numerous “brands for life” can again be found in the illustrated book. Which also explains why we are so proud of this award. Because not only is KLAFS a brand for life, but a sauna from KLAFS is also a decision for life,” summarises Gernot Mang, managing director of KLAFS.

Precisely because well-being, regeneration and a sense of security are so highly prized within our own four walls in times like these, KLAFS is delighted about this award, as it demonstrates enduring brand leadership. Because the more pressured time gets and the more is demanded of us, the more precious are the moments when you can leave the world behind for a while – and make it wait. KLAFS develops its products not only according to the highest quality, longevity and aesthetics, but always in line with people’s needs, demands and living realities. That’s how the name KLAFS has not only became a globally appreciated brand, but is synonymous with a contemporary and health-orientated lifestyle, and KLAFS is inseparably associated with saunas. 

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