Sauna against coronavirus?

The coronavirus has triggered a global crisis. No one knows what the impacts will be. Sauna and dry salt inhalation can support the immune system.

A sense of helplessness is prevailing in dealing with the virus. Many people are worried about their health. It is important and correct to strengthen your body in such a situation as this. Sauna and dry salt inhalation strengthen the immune system and can therefore possibly protect you against an infection. 


“[…] The coronavirus does not like it to be particularly warm and also not extremely humid”, Dr Christoph Specht, trained tropical, travel and prevention medical specialist, said in his interview with the European Waterpark Association and highlighted the recommendation to take sauna baths.  

KLAFS is therefore recommending taking sauna baths at high temperatures (80-90°C) and breathing the hot air. Taking sauna baths regularly strengthens your immune system so that your body can better protect you from viruses and possible illnesses.  

To know which measures may help, it's worth taking a closer look at the typical course of the disease as we know it so far: Coronaviruses, like the flu viruses, first multiply in the throat and neck area. The pathogen in particular infects cells of the lower respiratory tract and attacks the lungs in three phases: first the virus multiplies, then in the second phase it can cause a strong immune response and, in certain circumstances, destroy the lung tissue. Pneumonia may occur in the course of the infection.

A dry salt inhalation with Microsalt in the sauna may help prevent this. The salt activates and promotes the self-cleaning function of the lungs and is generally anti-inflammatory. It simulates the blood circulation in the lungs and cleans them as well as the entire respiratory tract of viruses, bacteria and allergies, such as dust or pollen. 

Sauna baths and dry salt inhalation are therefore well-suited to intensively strengthening the immune system and being prepared to fight the coronavirus.   

Image 1: In addition to the beneficial warmth and strengthening effects of the sauna bath, the Microsalt application SaltProX from KLAFS cleans the respiratory tracts and strengthens the immune system. 

Image source: KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG
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