Sauna in the Summer

Voluntarily sweating in the summer? It sounds unusual, but it’s very beneficial. Because sweating regularly strengthens your metabolism and immune system.

Regular time in the sauna with your family or partner is worth its weight in gold. Even in the summer. What many people don't know: The heat on a hot summer day is very different from the heat that we experience in a sauna. While the heat in a sauna is rather dry, the air outdoors has a high level of humidity. If you keep going into the sauna even when it is hot outside, you will benefit from many advantages for your health and well-being.


Going to the sauna in the summer is not only fun, but is also a refreshing delight. The difference between sweating in the hot humid summer air and the sauna is not just the dryness. Above all the change from heat and ice cold cooling boosts the health effect. Going to the sauna throughout the year trains your body for the heat. Your circulation stabilizes, your blood vessels dilate and your muscles relax. Another advantage: We get used to the high temperatures so that you can better tolerate the now almost tropical summers in Germany. So if you sometimes have circulation issues in the sticky heat, you should go to the sauna regularly. 


To support the sweating, it is advisable to drink plenty of liquids before going to the sauna - ideally tea or water - as well as when taking longer breaks between each sauna session and after the last session. It is important to make up for the water loss.  


The best thing is to use the sauna together at home. Whether your own sauna is placed inside your home or in the garden is entirely up to you. But for many using the sauna outdoors in the summer has a special charm. This is where KLAFS offers two modern models with the outdoor sauna TALO and its small sister TORNI, which allow you to enjoy the natural flair of the original sauna at home. The outdoor sauna models from KLAFS are proof that garden saunas can be designed elegantly and beautifully, making them eye-catchers in the garden landscape. So nothing stands in the way of summer sauna enjoyment!                 


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Using the sauna and relaxing in the summer is perfect for a nice day. It allows you to refuel.  

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A good tip, not just in the summer: Before, between and after using the sauna, it is very important to drink plenty of fluids. It is best to drink tea or water.           

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A real eye-catcher: The TALO sauna, Finnish for “the house", is flexible in its design so it can fit in any garden. You can enjoy the sauna right in the middle of nature on summer evenings.

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