"Sisu" – bringing home the power of the Finns

The traditional Finnish sauna is based on the power of the natural elements. In the far north, sauna bathing is more commonplace and closer to nature than anywhere else in the world. Up there, in typical log cabins surrounded by snowy landscapes, the sauna experience is especially pure and authentic when the warmth of the wood meets the warmth from the sauna stones. You can now experience this original sauna feeling within your own home – with the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® from KLAFS.

When visiting Finland, you quickly realise that the sauna – the only Finnish word known all around the world – is an integral part of everyday life there. Saunas are everywhere – in apartment buildings, where they are often communal and shared by all residents, in public buildings and private homes, and of course in the archetypal, picturesque log cabin nestling between snow-covered woods next to a lake... 

Besides their love for sauna bathing, the Finns seem to radiate peace and balance. They also share an extraordinary national characteristic that gives them strength in particularly hopeless situations. "Sisu" is an untranslatable Finnish term and an art form that apparently only the inhabitants of the country can master. It describes a quality that is similar to both endurance and persistence.

Without a doubt, the Finns draw some of their magic "Sisu" power from their regular sauna sessions. There are countless options and opportunities when it comes to taking a sauna in Finland. There are also very few rules, so everybody can enjoy the sauna as they see fit. However, the most popular way to enjoy this national pastime is in the sauna's original environment – in a log cabin in the middle of a snowy landscape right next to a frozen lake. In other words, close to nature. Even inside the sauna you can feel the power of the natural elements. When the warmth of the wood meets the warmth from the heated sauna stones, a pure and original sauna experience is created.

This traditional Finnish way of sauna bathing can now be experienced in your own home with the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR®. The patented SANARIUM® from KLAFS offers five different climate zones. For example, the air humidity and temperature differs in the "soft steam bath" and "tropical bath" bathing modes, and the patented SaunaPUR® function makes classic sauna bathing at temperatures between 70° and 100° Celsius even more authentic. Gently pressing the SaunaPUR® button switches off the sauna heater at approx. 80 – 85° C. This allows the many hot olivine stones to release their stored heat very gently into their surroundings. In combination with the mild warmth from the wood, this creates a pleasant and authentic sauna climate that is similar to traditional Finnish smoke saunas. Afterwards, intensive infusions can be poured onto the hot stones, not only to compensate for any drop in temperature, but also to generate the steam that is so beloved by the Finns. "Löyly". The SANARIUM with SaunaPUR®, which lets you explore Finnish culture from the comfort of your own home, is also available as a retrofit.

One thing is certain: you don't need to get on a plane to experience Finnish culture in person, even if Finland is well worth the trip. With KLAFS saunas, you can bring some Finnish well-being into your home – along with a little "Sisu".

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The Finnish word "Sisu" describes the extraordinary perseverance that enables the country's inhabitants to keep their cool in particularly difficult situations. Without a doubt, regular sauna sessions also contribute to the Finns' inner strength and balance.

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The entire population of Finland could enjoy a sauna at the same time – the country has 3.3 million saunas and 5.5 million inhabitants. Some Finnish babies are even born inside saunas!

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An invitation to a sauna is an honour in Finland. No excuses are accepted. Instead, "Kiitos Saunasta" ("thank you for the sauna") is the traditional way to express your gratitude.