STAYCATION: Home is the best wellness destination of all

KLAFS looks at the latest trends and current situation as well as providing you with four top tips to boost your well-being.

Achieving an all-round feeling of well-being in your own home is a wonderful experience for the whole family. KLAFS looks at the latest trends and current situation as well as providing you with four top tips to boost your well-being.  

#STAYCATION and #COCOONING have been well-known trends for a long time and, now that we’re all better off staying at home, they’re becoming a hot topic once again. Staycation literally means “holidaying at home” and invites people to create such a beautiful environment within their own four walls that they no longer dream of getting away. Likewise, cocooning is a popular trend in which people simply enjoy being at home instead of racing from one appointment to the next. 

What these trends have in common is the recognition that, now and then, it’s worth pressing pause and taking the time to enjoy life. Whether in a sauna, in the great outdoors or anywhere else you go to feel good – a time out helps to recharge your batteries and gives you renewed strength.  

Your own home and your own surroundings are places of safety and security. With the right tips and partners on your side, you can turn your home and garden into a genuine wellness oasis where you can enjoy carefree relaxation with your loved ones. Your own wellness dream is well within reach with the following four tips from KLAFS.   


There’s nowhere better to relax than in your own home. Where better to treat your body and soul to some well-earned rest and recharge your batteries than in your own private wellness oasis. When it comes to total relaxation, the key thing is to achieve all-round well-being. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to tackle a project you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Together with KLAFS, you can make your sauna dream come true with your own private dream sauna – or perhaps even an entire “dream area”.   


In your own home, you have complete freedom to design rooms according to your personal taste: whether you prefer a sauna with a modern, linear design combined with a fitness room or a garden sauna with unrivalled cosiness – our places of well-being are as individual as we are. The key thing is to listen to your instincts and discuss the wide range of possible solutions with the experts from KLAFS. In this way, you’ll quickly discover your own “sauna style”.   


Once your sauna dreams have been realised, a sense of calm will prevail. A sauna, a swim or a well-earned break has a calming effect and helps us put the constant clamour of thoughts to the back of our minds for one moment. The pleasant heat of the sauna releases tension in the body, and the stresses of our hectic everyday lives melt away.


A team of researchers at the University of Geneva has discovered that gentle swaying not only helps babies to nod off – indeed, a rocking motion also helps adults to sleep better. The SWAY pendulum lounger from KLAFS is based on this idea of using gentle, rhythmic movement to encourage restful sleep. In the process, the breathing and heart rate slow down and muscle tone relaxes. 


Your own four walls needn’t be boring. A garden of your own is a blessing, and you can even upgrade it with a garden sauna and pool from KLAFS to create a true leisure paradise. A sauna turns long summer evenings outdoors into a cosy and relaxed affair. On hot days, a sauna followed by a chance to cool off in the fresh air or the pool is an exceptionally good way to freshen up.  


A place for all the family: the KLAFS Aurora sauna and SWAY pendulum lounger combine exclusivity, design and cosiness. Creating a wellness area in your own home provides a unique place of calm and closeness for the whole family. 


An idyllic garden area: the warm summer days are just around the corner. A beautifully laid out garden area becomes the perfect destination for a “staycation” when it is enhanced with a garden sauna and a pool from KLAFS.

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