The extendable, space-saving KLAFS S1 sauna now as a new edition in elegant black

The health-promoting effect of regular sauna use is now undisputed which is why more and more people dream of having their own sauna. However, those who think that they need a cellar or a spacious house for regular sauna bathing at home are mistaken. Many people are not aware that sauna bathing is now possible even in the smallest of spaces. KLAFS has developed a unique concept for this with the S1 sauna – a retractable sauna cabin that shrinks at the touch of a button to fit into the smallest of spaces. And to ensure that the S1 also fits perfectly into the look of any home, KLAFS is now offering an additional Matt Black Edition of the S1 Sauna. With the particularly high-quality workmanship that goes hand in hand with exceptional product aesthetics, the S1 Sauna Black from KLAFS not only impresses with its innovative and space-saving functions, but above all with its new appearance in elegant black.

The space miracle in stylish black

KLAFS has developed the S1 sauna with you in mind, it can fit any space in your home to create your very own relaxation space. The retractable sauna cabin is now very popular as it can be installed in any location of your living space. The S1 sauna black edition will not look out of place.

The S1 sauna combines comfort and sauna expertise with aesthetically high-quality design and smart functionality. Measuring a slender 60 cm when retracted, it only shows its true potential at the push of a button. Thanks to the S1 Zoom principle, the minimalist sauna can be fully extended in just 20 seconds. The sophisticated motor control makes it possible to transform the sauna into a 160 cm deep, highly comfortable wellness zone in a short time. The S1 sauna is also designed as a completely mobile system, which can move with you when you move house.

The versatile sauna will not only impress with its unique functionality, but also with its visual highlights. With the new black matte external cladding, the shapely S1 now adapts to a more modern day living style to suit any modern living space. Team your modern sauna with dark interiors, which are more inviting than ever. The simple elegance underlines a unique, style-conscious and timeless aesthetic. The matte Black S1 with its exclusive design fits perfectly into any relaxing living space, which can be truly bespoke and built to your requirements.

Aesthetics meets functionality

A high-quality, decorative high-pressure laminate in postforming quality is used for the matte black external cladding, giving the ultra-matt, dark surface an elegant, modern appearance. In addition, the smart material scores with a pleasantly warm feel. The high quality finish is extremely hard-wearing and impresses with its high abrasion, anti scratch resistance finish, which prevents sticky fingerprints, or stubborn everyday marks being visible. Combine your S1 Black with a fine glass front and side windows, which will noticeably enhance any living environment.

Maximum design diversity for an individual oasis of well-being

When it comes to design variety, the S1 sauna is entirely in line with the KLAFS tradition and is available in four different sizes: XS, S, M and L. Even the smallest size, with a 120 cm wide reclining surface, offers enough space for sauna enjoyment for two – size L even allows a reclining width of 210 cm. In addition to the four sizes and the individual external cladding, the S1 sauna can be configured with glass versions, interior fittings made of knot-free hemlock wood, waxed walnut wood or Swiss stone pine wood, a recliner with folding lounger, the indirect Sunset S1 L backrest lighting, coloured light, Relaxaudio and WLAN. There are no limits to the freedom of planning. To do even more justice to the individual feeling of relaxation, the S1 can, for example, be equipped with the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® developed by KLAFS: No less than five climate zones enable a sauna bath that automatically adapts to personal preferences in terms of humidity and temperature.

All the advantages of a sauna combined in a small home spa

Despite their compact and slim figure, sauna lovers do not have to make any compromises. With its exceptional quality and functionality as well as the numerous health benefits that regular saunas provide, such as: muscle relaxation, strengthened immune system and decreased stress levels all come into play in both mild and hot temperatures, as offered by the SANARIUM®. Not only does it allow a wide variety of bathing forms, which are not quite as hot, but the relative humidity is also significantly higher than in the classic Finnish sauna. If you add SaunaPUR® to your S1 with the SANARIUM®, you turn your small, practical sauna cabin into a true multi-talent.

Excellent quality

With the space-saving and extendable S1 sauna, all sauna fans can enjoy soothing warmth even where previously there was no room for a classic sauna. But there are even more arguments for buying the KLAFS S1: all variants with interior fittings made of untreated hemlock or waxed walnut meet the strict criteria for the award of the "Blue Angel" seal created by the German Federal Environment Agency – an environmental label that guarantees that a product has less of an impact on the environment and climate while meeting high standards for the protection of health. The exclusive quality of KLAFS is also proven by numerous honors and awards: For example, KLAFS was awarded "Gold" at the German Brand Awards 2022 as the world market leader for sauna, pool and spa. This award is presented by the German Design Council and the German Brand Institute to pioneering brands. Because KLAFS is not only a brand for life: A sauna from KLAFS is also a decision for life.

About KLAFS:

KLAFS has been creating places of relaxation for body and soul since 1928. Time and again, the company manages to surprise with groundbreaking innovations – such as the space-saving sauna KLAFS S1, which transforms from the size of a wall cabinet to a fully functional sauna within 20 seconds at the push of a button. Thanks to this innovative strength, KLAFS advanced from what was once a small family business to a global industry leader. Today, more than 800 employees work to meet - and exceed - the ever-increasing demands of customers. From small private sauna rooms to luxurious hotel spas. And they do this all over the world, with expert advice from carefully trained technical consultants and on-site service from experienced teams. As a trendsetter in the sauna, pool and spa industry, KLAFS continuously invests in research and development, for example to further increase the energy efficiency of its products.


Image 1: KLAFS S1 sauna black
Image 2: Interior in walnut and with backrest lighting