Winter wellness

Get through the darker time of year healthy thanks to regular sauna sessions

Our body’s own defences have a lot to cope with in winter because the cooler it gets outside, the more susceptible we are to colds. This is when our immune system is really put to the test. A pleasant way to help our body to be strong and healthy is to have a sauna regularly – and the most convenient way of doing this is within your own four walls.   During the dark winter months, we prefer to spend our time in our warm and cosy homes.


This is possible with saunas from KLAFS. The market leader in the field of saunas, pools and spas offers extraordinary models that allow you to create an individual wellness area in your own home. So you can give your health a boost any time you like. While alternating between warm and cold strengthens the immune system and the circulation, the extensive sweating session also helps to stimulate blood flow: This allows the body to react better to temperature differences after the sauna session and to be better prepared when we step out of the warm into the wintery cold. Regular sauna sessions not only prevent typical winter illnesses but also counteract the winter blues. So if the cold, dreary weather should ever depress us, we can use the sauna to get our happiness hormones going again.

This is how the Finns, in particular, handle things. Enjoying a sauna is more commonplace for them than anywhere else in the world, so their way of life is characterised above all by a great deal of peace and balance. To allow you to experience this special, original sauna feeling, KLAFS offers not only many different sauna models but also the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® – with five different climate zones – for use at home. The best part: The company has attractive design options at the ready for every room situation, regardless of whether you have difficult spatial conditions or irregularly shaped rooms. With exclusive materials and customised special models, your own wellness area at home will become your new favourite place. 

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Enjoying the sauna during the cold winter months strenghtens the body and mind. 

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The entire population of Finland could enjoy a sauna at the same time – the country has 3.3 million saunas and 5.5 million inhabitants. Some Finnish babies are even born inside saunas!

 image source: © Klafs GmbH & Co.KG