Asian bath

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It is possible to imagine many versions of an Asian bath, because nothing is as varied as the continent of Asia. It is said that bath culture has its origin in Asia. That is why the early Asian bath is reminiscent of a Finnish sauna with a log cabin and glowing stones on an open fireplace. Today, an Asian bath can have different basic colours based on regional or national traditions. This place for wellness and health is often designed in the colours black, red, white, yellow or natural. It can also include a steam bath. Typical elements include black natural stone for the floors, partition walls made of bamboo and general contrasts that imbue the space with an Asian Zen atmosphere.


The present-day arrangement of an Asian bath is also in line with the tradition of the continent in which it is installed. In Australia, the inspiration for an Asian bath, sauna or steam bath usually focus on Bali, Thailand or Indonesia. In North America or Europe, on the other hand, Japanese tradition is usually decisive for the design of an Asian bath. It is important to fundamentally separate the toilet from the rest of the space. To the extent that it is possible, all elements should be manufactured as if by hand and have a very pure and natural appearance. Plenty of light and preferably a door to an outside area are typical for the Asian style of designing a bathroom, sauna or steam bath.

Aside from the natural-looking basic colours, various colour accents in glowing red, fiery orange, sunny yellow or black are also fashionable in Asian bath culture. White orchid blossoms, sliding doors in a rice paper look, bamboo mats, scented candles or Far East sculptures all contribute elegantly to rounding off the Asian look in the bathroom.

People in Asia see the bath as a place of quiet and relaxation because it is the only way to maintain wellness and health over time. That is why Asian baths often also include an indoor well to contribute to the ambiance. The soft rush of the flowing water has a relaxing, calming effect. If you like, of course you can also include your own personality when you design your own Asian bath. This could include, for example, a contemporary audio system, if that is something that is important to you to relax properly in your bath. Of course it is also possible to mix Western elements with elements from the Far East to underscore your own personality.


  1. An Asian bath typically includes black natural stone floors, bamboo partition walls and contrasts
  2. An Asian bath can also include a steam bath
  3. When designing an Asian bathroom, the toilet should be kept separate from the remaining space and a door to an outdoor area should be provided