Luxury shower

Klafs ABC of well-being

Luxury showers offer various shower experiences which massage or otherwise stimulate the skin. They can be set to different temperatures, generate clouds of vapour, or mimic showers of rain. Fascinating light effects provide a feast for the eyes. And combined with delightful fragrances and sound effects, luxury showers offer the ultimate in indulgence. KLAFS sophisticated luxury showers offer two completely different shower experiences. At the press of a button, you can choose tropical rain or icy cold arctic rain. You can also set the shower for arctic fog. If you opt for tropical rain, you’ll enjoy a gentle, warm shower, with sunny orange-yellow light. Icy cold arctic rain, on the other hand, pounds down on you against cool blue lighting. Or engulfs you in icy cold arctic fog. A cold shower gets your cardiovascular system going again after the sauna, stimulates your circulation and prepares your body for the relaxation phase to follow.