Regeneration (from the Latin word “regeneratio” = “new emergence”) means restoring or renewing depleted or lost energy levels. In the world of sport, athletes need to regenerate in order to replenish the physical and mental energy they lose during intensive training or matches. How a person regenerates depends on how much exercise they have had, and on their current training demands. It’s a form of recuperation, or accelerated recovery. The more exhausting and difficult the exercise (muscle training), the longer the recovery phase should last. Around two hours after you commence with regeneration, your tired muscles begin to recover. However, it can take up to seven days before your muscles are completely replenished with glycogen, and up to 14 days before your muscle endurance capacity returns to normal. Massages, saunas, infrared heat cabins, showers, relaxation techniques, gentle exercise (walking), rest and sleep can all help us to regenerate.