There are many good reasons for using a sauna, quite apart from the feeling of well-being it brings. The most significant observation scientists have made is the capacity of the human body to adapt to different temperatures, and the resulting long-term decrease in core body temperature. After a matter of weeks, regular sauna-goers begin to sweat more healthily and more efficiently. In winter, they feel the cold less than others, whilst in summer, they suffer less from extreme heat. Over time, the body learns to release more heat. After using the sauna just ten times, the skin temperature rises thanks to improved circulation. Whilst the body is better able to release heat on the one hand, the accompanying diminishment in its insulating effect – caused by regular heating up and sweating in the sauna – leads to a long-term decrease in your core body temperature. Within just a few weeks, the core body temperature of tests persons had sunk by 0.5°C. However, they did not register this drop by feeling cold; their bodies simply thermally adjusted to the new body temperature. A 0.5°C lower core body temperature increases your life expectancy by at least five years. And even if your body does not thermally adjust until you’re middle aged, you can still add two or three years to your life expectancy. The thermal adjustment to which sauna goers subject themselves by alternating between hot and cold also decelerates various aging processes. Most life processes are temperature-sensitive. In general, most processes are accelerated by heat, whilst cold can have the opposite effect. To benefit from the health advantages described above, you should heat the sauna up to 90°C and shower off afterwards with cold water. Japanese studies have shown that the expansion of blood vessels triggered by alternating between hot and cold in the sauna can help to combat arteriosclerosis. A lower core body temperature also means that your body releases fewer free radicals. These are responsible for speeding up the aging process. Classic sauna use – two or three rounds, each lasting ten to fifteen minutes – is the most effective way of steeling your body. In order for blood vessels to expand, you need the hot air followed by a cooling process – alternating between hot and cold, in other words. Nothing could be more simple than reaping the benefits of regular sauna use in your own home; KLAFS, global leader in the manufacture of saunas and spas, offers attractive designs and ideas for fortifying your body and soul in one of the most appealing ways possible. With designs and solutions for every conceivable type of room, your home sauna is destined to become your own personal fountain of youth and health.