It’s a good idea to use the sauna once a week, every week, to increase your feeling of well-being and stay healthy. If you use the sauna once a week, it’s perfectly acceptable to complete two or three rounds in the sauna during your session. However, you should not stay in the sauna for more than 12 to 15 minutes per round. For those who are susceptible to infections, or suffer from high blood pressure, tension headaches or asthma, doctors recommend using the sauna twice a week. If you use the sauna twice a week, two rounds are quite sufficient. And keep an eye on the temperature and the time you spend inside the sauna; you’re not trying to break any records. There’s no reason not to use your sauna three times a week. But if you do so, make sure you don’t sit in the heat for too long, and make sure you cool down and rest thoroughly afterwards. And one round per session is quite sufficient if you’re using your sauna this frequently. In Finland, people often use their saunas on a daily basis – but they only go in once. If you’re running a half marathon every day or are engaged in heavy manual work, you certainly shouldn’t be subjecting your body to two sauna rounds each evening. How you feel – both mentally and physically – should determine how many turns you take per day and per week.