AURA sauna above the roofs of Stuttgart

The soothing sauna experience above the clouds

Enter a sauna experience above the clouds - with these words the AURA sauna could welcome its guests in the exclusive Cloud No. 7 loft apartment in Stuttgart. The sauna is the focal point of the living space and invites you to relax through large glass doors. The breathtaking ambience above the rooftops of the city makes the retreat a place of absolute peace and tranquility.

Aura can mean a special radiance or energy. One can speak of such an exceptionally calming atmosphere when entering the rooms of the Cloud No. 7 loft apartments. Placed centrally in the room, a real eye-catcher and a haven of peace at the same time - the AURA sauna.

For the client, who freely designed the apartment according to his wishes together with the architects from Geplan Design in Stuttgart, the sauna in the middle of the living space is the crowning glory of an all-round successful concept. The open room design allows a gigantic panoramic view over Stuttgart not only from the balcony, but also from the sauna. Enjoying a soothing and relaxing sauna bath with a 180° degree view over the hustle and bustle of the state capital - that is unique.

Thanks to the open space design with as much transparency as possible, it is possible to enjoy an endless view over the city from almost every corner of the apartment. Here, the AURA sauna is the central point in the middle of the apartment. The floating benches, large glass surfaces and doors, and large hemlock panels put the high design standards of the AURA sauna into practice and make its furnishings exceptionally high quality.

Comfortable accessories such as the MOLLIS® sauna mats and cushions round off the sauna experience. Homeliness and generosity characterize the AURA, which offers plenty of space for a shared sauna bath with friends. This was also an important premise for the client. Installed under the benches, the BONATHERM underbench heater creates more space and, with a capacity of 100 kg of stones, ensures a particularly mild sauna climate.

In this apartment, the sauna was integrated into the overall picture with interior design perfection. It not only fits harmoniously into the overall interior, but also enriches the living space as a design element and "cozy center" at the same time.

Technical data:

  • Harmonious integration of a custom-made AURA sauna in the middle of the living area with large glass surfaces and doors
  • Dimensions 2.0 x 2.5 x 2.0 m and BONATHERM underbench heater
  • Interior cladding: Horizontally arranged, large hemlock panels
  • "Floating" benches made of waxed oak
  • MOLLIS sauna cushions and loungers from KLAFS
  • Additional features: Sound package, WLAN module


  • Architect: Geplan Design, Hauptstraße 78A, 70563 Stuttgart,
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