Roman Weidenfeller's spa dream come true

This is where the popular German premier league goalkeeper relaxes at home.

Regenerate like the professionals

Successful sports stars know that using a sauna regularly benefits their health and performance - which is why they relax in saunas on a regular basis.


After training sessions or home matches, the Borussia Dortmund football team relaxes in a KLAFS sauna. Borussia goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller, however, is one step ahead of the rest of his team: he's created his own private spa dream come true with KLAFS, in the comfort of his own home. Let's take a look at what the popular premier league star has installed to relax at professional level...

Transparency and comfort

Based on the SHAPE sauna, Roman Weidenfeller asked KLAFS to design a customized sauna with a full glass front. The result is a feast for the eyes - both from the outside looking in, and from the inside looking out. Preferring user-friendly controls, Weidenfeller opted for the elegant TOUCH CONTROL sauna control panel which enables him to start any one of a number of elaborate sauna settings at the mere touch of a button.

Exertion and relaxation

To maintain peak fitness, Roman Weidefeller also does regular weight training at home and exercises on his exercise bike. Afterwards, he relaxes in the sauna - because as a professional athlete, he knows how good the soothing warmth is for tired muscles, and how beneficial the sauna is for regeneration.

Deep-penetrating heat

Roman Weidenfeller uses an intelligent module with his KLAFS sauna to target stiff muscles: the InfraPLUS optional infrared extra. Here, infrared-C radiation generates radiant energy to warm his back more intensely. Four SensoCare sensors control the intensity automatically.


Targeted relaxation

Roman Weidenfeller is very much in demand. So he doesn't have much time to relax. That's why his private spa oasis includes a SWAY pendulum lounger by KLAFS. Oscillating gently, this swinging lounger rocks the premier league star into a restful nap. For which he doesn't even have to get undressed. The sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE┬« installed above suffuses the room with all the goodness of sunshine.


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