SHAPE sauna
SHAPE sauna

SHAPE sauna as an artistic experience

A private wellness oasis from KLAFS

In recent decades, the sauna has developed from a Finnish tradition into a global wellness trend and a symbol of a personal retreat for health and well-being. Today, wellness areas provide more than just relaxation; they are the expression of perfection and aesthetics. The new home wellness oasis from KLAFS demonstrates this impression of homeliness in a unique way. Here, colour, material, design and art objects combine to create a harmonious work of art. KLAFS – the market leader for sauna, wellness and spa – has transformed this wellness zone into a masterpiece of perfection.

A masterpiece of perfection

The results are undeniable spa design – which delights the home owners with its own style and reflects a unique attitude to life. With this project, KLAFS once again shows that it can fulfil a unique, individual wellness dream with customised solutions.

Sauna SHAPE: Sporty elegance artfully staged

An artistic flair was important to the home owners and KLAFS contributed to this in the newly designed wellness area of a couple from Frankfurt am Main: this new home spa is more than just a functional room – it is a place of relaxation and a harmonious symbiosis of art, design and function. A place of tranquillity to which artistic accents lend a special atmosphere all of its own. "It was important to the client to create a feel-good oasis with its own character and also to consciously anchor it as a design highlight in the overall concept. And we succeeded wonderfully," explains Frankfurt architect Jochen von Landwüst, who was responsible for the design of the new wellness area. Thus, the exclusive private spa with the all-glass SHAPE sauna quickly developed into an eye-catching and centrepiece for healthy relaxation. The futuristic, elegant look and the interplay of materials, colours and lighting create a very personal and intimate ambience. Here, warm, cosy walnut wood meets indirect lighting complementing its home surroundings.

Glass as a mediator between art and relaxation

The exclusive selection of materials and the furnishing details create a feeling of space appearing very open and transparent due to the high proportion of glass in the sauna. The interplay of the design elements lends the sauna a high degree of sporty extravagance and thus fits in flawlessly with the other features of this spa landscape: for example, a gym and yoga area has been created directly next to the sauna, so that you can enjoy the soothing warmth directly after a strenuous workout to gently regenerate your body. A double shower for a freshness kick and the free-standing bathtub round off the design.

The view from the sauna falls on the various art exhibits and backlit walnut-panelled surfaces of the adjacent bathroom. The transparency of the glass front leading across the corner thus not only lets a lot of light into the sauna cabin, but the architectural unity of the wellness area can also be impressively experienced through the open design. "We feel a sense of well-being for body and soul," the owners agree. During the relaxing sauna session, a world of visual sensuality opens up that not only exudes a soothing effect of tranquillity, but also enriches the sauna bath with a perfectly shaped experience.

The sauna as a place of inspiration

The wellness area impressively demonstrates that sauna culture is far more than just a physical experience. When expertise in wellness and craftmanship merge to create homely works of art, the result is a place of radiance. KLAFS create premium saunas and transforms every spa area into a appealing experiential retreat. With KLAFS' innovative strength, design competence and high standards of creating individual spatial concepts of relaxation, a home spa has once again been created in which taking a sauna becomes an aesthetic journey. This perfect harmony of different elements shows how much the architecture of the sauna influences the overall ambience. Whereby, in its unique form as a work of art and source of inspiration, soothes both body and mind.

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