© The Art of Living Magazine – photography: Dré Wouters
© The Art of Living Magazine – photography: Dré Wouters

Successful fusion of Styles

HOME sauna in exclusive architect's villa

The best of traditional and modernist styles

This Belgian-Limburg villa, designed by the Eindhoven-based architectural studio DENOLDERVLEUGELS, embraces the best of traditional and modernist styles, featuring a thatched hip-and-valley roof and a lower section adorned with large glass panels to provide ample transparency. The ambience of tradition and the comfort of modernism not only ensure an appealing and unique design but also optimize the enjoyment of a home.

Although the living room is located slightly lower than the kitchen, they make one wide open space. The abundance of windows offers views of the spacious garden, which features clusters of specially planted trees, such as the beautiful cork oak near the terrace, as well as the swimming pool. The expansive vistas of the meadows with horses and the surrounding forests, areas that do not belong to the plot, are also part of the experience. “When we design, it is always based on an integrated vision that includes the design of the garden and the interior,” says Bas den Older. This house offers various relaxation options. Besides swimming, you can expend your energy in the fitness area or enjoy the KLAFS sauna. The sauna is made of hemlock wood and equipped with abachi sauna benches. On the upper floor, the highlight is undoubtedly the bathroom. With custom-made cabinets lining the walls and the bathtub and shower enclosure positioned in the center of the space, it evokes a strong feeling of residing in a luxurious hotel. In addition to its aesthetics, the wellness areas are also designed with great practicality in mind.

All in all, this home has become a place for the residents to relax. Both the cohesive style throughout the house and the stunning views of the surroundings lends themselves perfectly to do just that.

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