The perfect conclusion to the day

Tommy Haas is relaxing at home in his TORNI garden sauna.

For tennis star Tommy Haas, a sauna session has always been the perfect conclusion to a long, demanding day spent training or competing. That is why Haas now made a long-held dream come true for himself at his home in Bavaria, at the foot of the Alps: His own sauna in his garden.

Whether in a hotel or in one of the large, world-famous tennis complexes where he competes professionally - throughout his long career, Tommy Haas has only rarely missed an opportunity to enjoy the "perfect end to the day": a thorough session in the sauna. "The sauna is simply perfect for regenerating and calming down mentally after a long, demanding day spent training or competing." That is what many years of experience have taught the almost 1.90-meter-tall model athlete. And he also knows how important the topic of regeneration is for professional athletes in particular. Haas is convinced that "anyone who demands a lot from his body also has to give something back at every opportunity".

And so he increasingly harbored the desire to have his own sauna at home as well. Since he particularly liked the traditional Finnish sauna culture with part of the sauna experience in free nature, he opted for a garden sauna. "When I gathered information about the subject and talked about friends of mine who were professional athletes, it quickly became clear to me who's number one in the world in this area," said the 2000 vice Olympic champion, explaining his own standards regarding design and quality.


After extensive consulting by the experts at KLAFS, Haas finally opted for the most recent garden sauna model by the market leader in the sauna, pool and spa area: the TORNI - with its clear, modern design, it is a real eye-catcher in anyone's garden. From a technical perspective, the popular tennis star was also convinced by the TORNI thanks to its sophisticated and absolutely weatherproof construction in timber-frame construction with strong thermal insulation for low energy loss.

While he was preparing for the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, where he gave it his all and defeated Roger Federer, currently ranked 4th in the world and according to many experts one of the best tennis players of all time, the assembly team arrived at his house and made sure that his own private relaxation center court would be awaiting the Hamburg native on his return.

Two extras in particular are noticeable in Haas's new garden sauna: The panoramic window, which stretches across almost the entire width of the cabin and through which he can enjoy the amazing view of the Bavarian countryside leading up to the Alps, and the unique and patented Sanarium concept. "This makes it possible for me to enjoy five different sauna types in my new garden, as the mood strikes. It's ingenious!"

Tommy Haas: The long-term champion

At the tender age of four, Tommy Haas took his first steps on a tennis court. At 13, he began his training at Nick Bollettieri's legendary tennis academy in Florida. A good decision: Soon he was one of the best junior players in the world and consequently started his professional career in 1996. Since then, Haas has been active as a pro on the ATP tour and in the past was ranked No. 2 in the world. His career was also put on pause for long stretches of time due to injuries but Haas managed to fight his way back every time. Despite these setbacks, the Hamburg native was able to collect 15 titles in a pro career spanning over 20 years, during which he defeated tennis legends like Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer in the finals. The prize money, adding up to over US$ 13 million, is also impressive. The most important successes include the silver medal at the Olympic Games in 2000 in Sydney. In 2017, the 39-year-old played his last season as a professional tennis player and looked to new career paths: This year, he is already working as tournament director for the championship in Indian Wells in the US. More about Tommy Haas can be found on his website at

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