GESA Sauna by Gesa Hansen

GESA sauna by Gesa Hansen

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Scandinavian cosiness meets Japanese minimalism. The GESA sauna by Gesa Hansen is the new interpretation of the Finnish sauna in Japandi style. White benches, black walls, comforting warmth and a refreshing design create a new impression of security and cosiness. In collaboration with the designer Gesa Hansen, a relaxing balance has been created from contrasts.

GESA sauna

Design that invites you to dream

The GESA sauna is a retreat with an exceptionally inviting atmosphere where you can find your very own balance.

Sauna ceiling

The impressive 3D herringbone pattern of the sauna ceiling is intricately handcrafted and gives the ceiling a sculptural look.

Wall panels

The deep black wall panels are modelled on the traditional manufacturing process of Yakisugi wood from Japan. During this process, the wood is first charred and then extinguished with cold water.


The black look is clearly contrasted by the white ceiling, the white wooden surfaces of the benches, and the sauna heater cladding.

Shelving system

Intended as a lifestyle library, the filigree shelving system can be stocked with books, vases or high-quality accessories to create additional intimacy.

Insulating glass front

The open glass front combines cosy exclusivity with visual expanse and contributes to greater energy efficiency with lower energy loss.

GESA sauna

Inspired by the harmony of the elements

The unmistakable character of the GESA sauna is manifested in its clear lines and intricate craftsmanship.

Feel good in beautiful optics

Sauna lover, Gesa Hansen has realised her very own dream with the GESA sauna, having no previous experience in sauna design. Combined with the large, open glass fronts and matching shelf, the GESA sauna creates a subtle elegance in your spa lounge.

"This is how you often lie in the sauna and look up. The beautiful ceiling invites you to dream."

GESA Accessories by Gesa Hansen

The interplay between the indigo blue MOLLIS® GESA by Gesa Hansen and the black and white of the sauna creates a harmonious overall picture. The comfortable MOLLIS® takes up the Japandi style with the typical Japanese shibori batik technique – cosiness in perfection.

GESA Sauna nature

The GESA sauna is also available in the GESA nature version. This is equipped with walls made of alder wood, with a Yakisugi look, and a hemlock ceiling. The private oasis can be customised with individual details and accessories according to personal preference, for pure, relaxation and healthy enjoyment.

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GESA sauna equipment

Interior design

The unmistakable character of the GESA sauna is manifested in its clear lines and intricate craftsmanship. The central element of this particularly homely design concept is the deep black wall panels, which are modelled on yakisugi wood from Japan. The black walls are clearly contrasted by the white ceiling, the white wooden surfaces of the benches, and the sauna heater cladding.

Sauna heater with heater cladding

The black look of the interior walls contrasts with the discreet white wooden surfaces of the benches and the panelling of the sauna heater. The VDE-tested FERO or MAJUS sauna heater is available for the GESA sauna by Gesa Hansen in various sizes with corresponding dimensions, heat outputs and stone quantities. The original Finnish olive stones in a large stone basket enable long heat storage and intensive infusions. The SANARIUM®, and the Turboheat function of the MAJUS sauna heater are only possible without a heater cladding.
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BONATHERM sauna heater

Wonderfully invisible - this is the best way to describe the BONATHERM under bench heating system. The sauna heater sits discreetly under the bench and ensures an even temperature distribution and perfect climate. It is not only safe for children - it allows for extra space within the sauna.
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Sauna control unit 21029 T/21033 T

The KLAFS sauna control units 21029 T and 21033 T impress with their minimalist, elegant design, high-quality inlay aluminum look (available in 6 anodized colors) and separate power section. The flat, floating and compact style is complemented by intuitive user guidance and a clear user interface.

SUNSET backrest lighting

The dimmable SUNSET backrest lighting offers another visual highlight. The indirect LED lighting creates a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. It sets visual accents with its warm light and ideally rounds off your GESA sauna by Gesa Hansen with harmonious interior lighting.

KLAFS Sauna App

With the KLAFS app, you can conveniently control your SANARIUM® whilst on the go. The SANARIUM® will await you perfectly heated to your desired temperature, saving you both time and energy. The app offers all the conveniences of being able to switch your SANARIUM® on and off, checking its status, presetting the time, and regulating the humidity.

KLAFS KNX module

The individually configurable interface with predefined data points connects your sauna with the on-site building management system. The programming and transfer of the data points to the building management system is a service provided by the customer. The KNX module can only be used in conjunction with a 21029 or 21033 control unit.

Gesa Hansen

Courage and innovative spirit

Gesa Hansen is not only a successful international designer – but an enthusiastic sauna-goer since childhood. "I always wanted to design a sauna". With her Scandinavian background and experience as a designer in Tokyo, a retreat with an extraordinary atmosphere of security has been created together with KLAFS.


  • Finnish sauna in Japandi style, created in collaboration with Parisian designer Gesa Hansen
  • All in black and white, with precise lines and two large insulating glass fronts
  • The GESA nature sauna design with benches in abachi, interior panelling in alder with Yakisugi look, and sauna ceiling in hemlock
  • Intermediate sizes in a 10:10 cm grid are available as standard.
  • Benches available in one- or two-tier design, straight, in an L-shape or in a U-shape.
  • Insulating glazing available in clear glass or Parsol grey
  • Exclusive, high-quality design. Frame and door handle with surface finish in the anodised black colour. Other anodised colours are available for the GESA nature sauna.
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