Idea & design concept

The ‘Tierra Santa Healing House’ represents a conscious departure from the previous American understanding of a spa, which is equated with the aspects of cosmetic applications and massages. In the Faena however, the guests will find a facilit y that offers all major spa traditions – the Scandinavian sauna tradition, the Roman tradition of the steam bath and the Oriental tradition of the hammam – in a luxurious, extravagant setting.


Total surface area: 180 m². Wellness area with hammam, steam bath, sauna, tepidarium, SNOW PARADISE, waterfall showers.

Extraordinary hotel, extraordinary sauna: the sauna in the ‘Tierra Santa Healing House’ impresses guests with three extravagant characteristics – organically curved loungers, a wall covering made of large-scale panels and a rear wall artfully constructed of numerous slats.

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

3201 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140