Combating the winter blues with saunas and salt

The immune system can be bolstered with regular saunas and salt inhalation, and you can even improve your mood.

Recent months have highlighted the importance of strong immune defences. For some time, it has been known that saunas help with physical fitness – but taking a sauna can also benefit your mood. 


Many people experience a certain feeling of downheartedness – known as the winter blues – in the cold and dark winter months. This has been compounded by the slew of negative headlines during the coronavirus pandemic, further dampening the mood. Thankfully, saunas are one source of relief. A warm sweat bath offers complete relaxation for body and soul – and even peace of mind. As well as paving the way for relaxation, it promotes the release of the body’s own happiness hormones – so-called endorphins – which have a beneficial effect on our mood.

The best and most comfortable way to enjoy a sauna is within your own four walls, where you benefit from not only the greatest flexibility but also total privacy. KLAFS offers sauna solutions to suit every house or apartment, making your own dream sauna a reality. Even if you’re short on space, you needn’t make do without an oasis of well-being in your own home. The S1 sauna takes up no more space than a wardrobe and expands into a fully functional sauna in just 20 seconds. Further information is available at: 


Deep cleaning of the airways is recommended in order to bolster the body’s defences against a cold or an infection. Dry salt inhalation in a sauna does precisely this. Deep inhalation of salt aerosols can have a cleaning effect in the lungs, penetrating down to the finest alveoli, where the salt mist can deliver an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. With the Microsalt SaltProX, this natural cleaning can also be accessed in the home. This compact device from KLAFS uses patented crushing technology to produce an especially fine salt aerosol that disperses uniformly through the entire sauna cabin. Further information is available at

image 1: The best way to relax – recline in comfort thanks to the MOLLIS sauna cushions and mats while enjoying a pleasant and natural health programme thanks to the Microsalt SaltProX from KLAFS.    

image source: © Klafs GmbH & Co. KG