Effective relaxation: How to regulate blood pressure in a natural way

In addition to smoking, high blood pressure is one of the most important risk factors for heart attacks, cardiac insufficiency and strokes. Moreover, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in western countries. At what threshold value is blood pressure actually considered to be dangerously high?

At what threshold value do patients have to worry about their blood pressure and thus their health? Opinions differ, even among experts. For example, a committee of the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology recently set a new, lower limit of 130/80 mmHg (millimeter mercury column).

According to this new limit, almost half of the adult Americans have hypertension. The experts are responding to new scientific findings from the past few years, according to which even a slight increase in blood pressure above the normal value of 120/80 mmHg can lead to health damage.

There are currently other values, for example in Germany. There, a patient has high blood pressure if his or her values are 140/90 mmHg and above. In Germany the new American limit value is considered "high-normal". Whichever limit value prevails in the long term – the fact is that very many people have dangerously high blood pressure.

And high blood pressure is a tricky disease: it causes no symptoms for a long time – and when typical signs such as heart palpitations, a feeling of heat or a pulsating sounds in the ear occur, the blood pressure is already far too high. That is really dangerous: if you regularly have high blood pressure, you are at risk of heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.

Among the risk factors for high blood pressure, apart from an unhealthy diet and too little physical exercise, is above all a phenomenon that many people have to contend with in our hectic times: permanent stress.
The good news: there is a completely natural countermeasure for high blood pressure – regular sauna bathing in the "Sanarium", the particularly mild and pleasant sauna variant of KLAFS. This is the result of a scientific study conducted by Doz. Dr. Hans-Joachim Winterfeld had already performed several years ago at the renowned Charité University Hospital in Berlin. This means that hypertension can be treated until blood pressure is normalized. Without any medication that is. As a medically used form of treatment, the temperatures in this sauna variant are between 46°C and 60°C, the relative humidity between 40% and 55%.

Dr. Winterfeld prescribed over 40 high blood pressure patients regular sauna sessions in the "Sanarium" as the sole measure of and observed their cardiovascular behaviour over a period of two years. The results of the study are impressive: More than one third of the patients (38%) experienced normalized blood pressure. The "Sanarium" treatment also significantly reduced the resting blood pressure and heart rate in some patients. Scientists' clear result: regular sauna bathing in the KLAFS "Sanarium" has a positive effect on elevated blood pressure (at least two visits per week, two rounds of 8 to 10 minutes each, sitting on the second level). To cool down, the scientists recommend that patients with cardiovascular problems should take a rain shower at temperatures between 12°C and 14°C.

Physicians recommend the "Sanarium“ for people with low blood pressure who often suffer from dizziness and fatigue as well. Effective relaxation in the "Sanarium" considerably improves peripheral microcirculation, i.e. blood supply to the blood vessels in the arms and legs. In many cases, this leads to a normalisation of blood pressure after only a few weeks.

The physicians’ conclusion: Regular thermal treatment in the "Sanarium" is an effective and guaranteed side-effect-free application for patients with high blood pressure as well as people with low blood pressure. In addition, Dr. Winterfeld also found that 60% of patients showed a general improvement in performance and improved quality of life (better sleeping behaviour, higher vigilance).

Also interesting from a medical point of view: It is important for every treatment of hypertension that the patient accepts the measure. Here too, the "Sanarium" is convincing all along the line. All participants in the study rated the treatment positively and showed 100% acceptance of this absolutely natural way to regulate blood pressure.